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MyQL Login| Quicken Loans Sign-in @ login: Rocket Mortgage is strictly a lending organization that operates only online. It does not have any physical offices or branches. It has its headquarters in Detroit U.S.A.

Rocket mortgage was founded in 2015 by Quicken loans. Since its establishment, it has become the best and highest online loan lender in the U.S.A. If you want to get more information about Rocket mortgage by quicken loans login read the review below and the loan application process.

MyQL Account Login ( Formerly Called Quicken Loans Review)

It is common knowledge that Rocket mortgage is also the same as Quicken Loans. So you do not have to be confused about the two different names. The name was changed to rocket mortgage to reflect its current operation and swift response to your loan application.

Rocket Mortgage engages in other businesses such as the Rocket Homes; Rocket Auto which provides a visuals car sales support to online car buying platforms and the popular rocket loans

Traditionally we are all used to going to the bank to apply for a loan, however, with the presence of rocket mortgage you can easily make the application online without meeting any banking agent.

Quicken loans officially changed to Rocket mortgage in 2021 which is a division of Rocket companies.

Rocket mortgage is built in a way that you can easily make a loan application from the comfort of your home or even your local store.

Although it’s still the same process of loan application in a local bank that is still applied. Rocket mortgage provides you with the convenience of applying for a loan online

However, if you don’t fancy the online application method, you can also work With the rocket mortgage home loan expert. The home loan expert uses the answers to the questions and your employment status to determine the rates and your pre-approval.

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One of the conditions for loan approval is that the company must check your credit score and verify your income and employment information.

The above steps cost some money and that’s why rocket mortgage charges you a “good faith deposit” between $400 to $750 which will be deducted eventually at the closing stage of the loan.

Rocket mortgage offers you the comfort of just having to login into your rocket mortgage account online and closing your loan when and where you desire. [1]

You can also log into your quicken loans account through the app or via the website to see whether you are approved or manage your payment.

Pros and Cons of Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans


There are several advantages and disadvantages of using quicken loan or Myql loan company. Let us consider some of them below;

  1. You don’t have to get so many emails. This is because the application process is swift and direct.
  2. It protects your private information because your financial information gets into fewer hands.
  3. Rocket mortgage makes it more convenient for you to apply for loans online

One of the major disadvantages is that you might not get several rates since you don’t have different loan companies approaching you.

MyQL Login| Quicken Loans Sign-in @ login

Follow the steps below to login into your Rocket Mortgage account easily

  • First, open your browser and type you click on the connection here
  • On the Rocket online account sign in website click on the Sign In button located at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Enter your Username which might be your email address.
  • Enter your secret key and click on Sign in.
  • You will be signed to your account if the details you entered are correct.

How do I Reset MyQL Login Password

  • Rocket mortgage account sign in | myql loans login of lost of Password
  • To reset your Rocket Mortgage sign in password, click on the sign-in button or visit the page to reset your password then;
  • Please enter your username.
  • Rocket Mortgage will send you an email so you can reset your login password.

Yeah! If you follow the steps above, you will easily change the Quicken loans account login password. Now lets us show you how to change the Quicken loans account username

How do I change my Rocket Mortgage Account Username to sign in

Note: If you opened a rocket mortgage account online in 2017, then your email address is your username. Meanwhile, if you have forgotten your username to your account, follow the steps below to change it.

  • To access the Rocket loans login page, in case you have forgotten your username, there are quick steps below to follow to recover your rocket account username:
  •  Click on the forgotten username On the Rocket Mortgage login page.
  • Enter your email address and they’ll send you an email that contains your username.
  • Go to your email and complete the Rocket Mortgage username reset process.

How to Download Rocket Mortgage App ( Android and iOS)

The essence of downloading the mobile app is to make the MyQL Login very easy and convenient for you. It is also used to make your rocket mortgage payment online through the app. Follow the steps below to download the app for android.


  • Install the Rocket Mortgage application in the Google Play Store.
  • Locate the rocket mortgage app and launch the application.
  • Enter your Username and your Password to log in.

iOS Device: 

  • Go to the App Store and download the Rocket Mortgage application.
  • Find the rocket mortgage app and tap to launch the application.
  • Enter your Username and Password to sign in.

FAQs About Rocket Mortgage Company

Is Rocket Mortgage A Bank?

No. Rocket Mortgage is not like a local bank. It is just an online company that lends money and engages in other home loan services.

Is Rocket Mortgage the Same as Quicken Loans?

Yes! Like we said earlier, quicken loans officially changed its name to rocket mortgage in 2021 and the quicken loans login website is still very functional. However, it will redirect you to the Rocket mortgage login page.

How do I contact Rocket Mortgage customer service?

To contact Rocket Mortgage customer service, you can call (800) 610-6050 or email Read more on how to contact rocket mortgage customer service here.

Is there any Minimum Credit Score requirement for Rocket Mortgage Loan approval? 

There is no minimum credit score required for Rocket Mortgage. However, the higher your credit score, the better the chances of your loan approval with ease.


Hopefully, we have answered your questions on the MyQL login Account issues. Please don’t hesitate to share the article with your friends to also help them out on the same issues.

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