RakBank Personal Loan for UAE Nationals And Expats

One of RAKBANK’s top services in the UAE is the personal loan. With an obligatory salary transfer, the borrowers can obtain a loan from RAKBANK up to 20 times their salary at an attractive interest rate of 5.99% per annum. Both UAE nationals and foreigners can choose a flexible payback period of up to 4 … Read more

Emirates Islamic Bank Personal Loan For UAE Residents and Expats

The Emirates Islamic Bank was founded in 2004. The Emirates Islamic Bank personal loan complies with Shariah law, just like all other products offered by the bank. An experienced Shariah Board oversees Emirates Islamic Bank. The bank provides a wide range of goods that combine Islamic banking’s historic principles with contemporary financial practices. Large loan … Read more

5 Proven Tricks to Raise your Fico Credit Score by 100 Points Overnight

It is important to raise FICO credit score by 100 points overnight because about 90% of loan lenders make use of the FICO credit score to make their lending decisions. It has been said severally that a credit score is like a healthy measurement on a scale of your probability of paying back the loan. … Read more

Personal Loans For Nurses With Bad Credit Score in UK

Personal Loans For Nurses With Bad Credit Score is available for nurses and other medical or NHS staff in the UK. The cost of being a nurse either as a student or worker is not easy to afford. In most cases, it requires a personal loan to see you through your educational training. Nursing is … Read more

Samba Dubai Personal Loan Rate for Salary and Non salary Transfer Loans

A friend of mine asked me if I know anything about the Samba personal loan interest rate currently in UAE. He wants to get a personal loan from them and probably without a salary transfer. I promised to give him a reply when I do my research on the question. Hence, this article on the … Read more