University of Wisconsin-River falls Tuition Fees 2023

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is one of the cheapest institutions in Wisconsin and the United States of America. It is one of the most affordable quality assurance education universities you can choose to study any course of your choice.

Cost of Attendance (COA)

To attend the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, you don’t need to pile a debt you can’t afford to clear after graduation as the university allows you to run your studies with ease owing to its cheap tuition and fees and you can also access grants, scholarships, and other financial aids. One of the most interesting in the university is the ease of payment. Below are the details of the means of payment at this university.

The average cost of attending the University of Wisconsin-River Falls is $19,500. And this average cost shows that the university is not as expensive as the University of Harvard, Washington University, the University of New York, and the University of Iowa among others. This cost of attendance details tuition, board, hostel, materials, and others. Enrollment $215.

Undergraduate Program Financial Estimate (On-campus)

Undergraduate Students: The estimate below shows those who live on different campuses such as Minnesota and Wisconsin. The estimate includes tuition, books, and supplies, boards.

Tuition and Fees

Minnesota Instate students $8250
Out of State Minnesota students $10,130 Instate Minnesota students $12,440 Out of State Wisconsin students $11,470
For International students $15,980
Books and Supplies $410
Room and Board $7300
Predictive Personal Allowance $2040
Cost of Transportation $1330
Cost of Travel for Academic Programs $1020


Instate students (Minnesota) $19,390
Out-of-State (Minnesota) $21,270
Out of State (Wisconsin) $23,580 Instate (Wisconsin) $22,610
International students $28,140

Payment for Off-Campus for Undergraduate

This section shows estimates for the students who live off campus.
Tuition and other Fees
Instate Minnesota students $8250
State students Minnesota $10,130
State students in Wisconsin $12,440
Instate Wisconsin students $11,470
International Students $15,980
Books and Supplies $410
Room and Board $7300
Personal $2040
Loan Fee of $60
Transportation $2550
State Travel for Academic Programs $1020


Instate Minnesota students $20,610
Out-of-state Minnesota $22,490
Out-of-state Wisconsin students $24,800
Instate Wisconsin students $23,830
International students $30,950

Graduate Students

Graduate Students: Those staying Off-Campus
Tuition and Fees are $8450
Books and Supplies $1120
Room and Board $7330
Personal $2860
Loan Fee of $130
Transportation $2550
State Travel for Academic Programs $1020


Minnesota students $22,440
Wisconsin students $25,580
International students $31,730
The above cost of attendance explains what a student will expend every semester till graduating year.

Financial Aids

Financial aid can be grants, scholarships, loans, and financial benefits that will assist students to run their studies successfully.


The University of Wisconsin River Falls invests heavily in the students especially those who exhibit exceptional academic abilities. It awards approximately $3.2 million to the new intakes. These scholarships are available to newly admitted first-year students, transfer students, and continuing students. The awards of the scholarships don’t base on ACT or SAT scores eligibility and it is usually based on need and merit.

The University primarily awards over 800 scholarships totaling more than $1,000,000


A grant is a need-based aid that you must qualify for them. It’s considered as a gift aid so you don’t have to repay it when it’s been given to you. When you apply for financial aid, you’re considered for all federal and state grants.


A loan is to be repaid. There are many loan programs and are available to students of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Some are state or federal-funded while others are private and are available regardless of need.

At the University of Wisconsin River Falls, you can get both grants and loans and the students can access over $30,000 in grants and loans at the university sponsored by the federal, state, local, and private organizations.

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