University of Dubuque Tution Fees 2023

The University of Dubuque, an institution with religious background is being known as one of the cheapest and most affordable universities in the United States and the world over. It is an institution for any average student to maximize his/her potential. Believe me, choosing this university will not throw you into a dungeon of debt. It is an institution where you get quality education at affordable tuition and fees.

How Much Does the University of Dubuque Cost?

Is it explanation that I gave about the affordability of the University of Dubuque above that is  giving you goosebumps? and for this, you are so anxious to get the cost for attending this university

Yes, I know you are so eager, and can’t wait to know the cost so that you can start preparing for it. Sit, and relax with chilled drinks as I furnish you with financial details to attend the University of Dubuque.

Averagely, the cost of attending the University of Dubuque is $37,156. This is though just a rough estimate as there are other fees, you need to pay to sustain yourself and your academic pursuit in the institution. No matter the amount, it is not as expensive as Harvard, MIT, the University of Iowa, and other ivy league universities. Now, you can get the details.

Undergraduate Costs

The tuition package for undergraduate tuition for 2022-2023 is $36,800, and hostel (shared) is $5,564 per session, and the board (standard meal packages) per year is $5,460. Total expenses on this package are $49,550.

Tuition $36,800
Hostel $5,564
Board $5,460
Total: $49,550.

Other Expenses

The orientation fee is $100 and this payment is a one-time plan; it will be paid once.
Course Materials per session are $950.

The school gives all the students benefits to undergo flight and helicopter training.
For those interested in airplane training, they will pay an additional $17,120, and those interested in helicopter training will pay an additional $36,425.

Orientation fee $100 (compulsory)
Course Materials $950 (compulsory)
Airplane Training $17,120 (optional)
Helicopter Training $36,425 (optional)

Hostel Plans

Double Room $2,740 per semester
Chlapaty Hall (Double) $3,210 per semester
Park Village (Double) $3,610 per semester
Park Village (Single) $4,225 per semester
Townhouse (Single) $4,225 per semester

Meal Plans

280 meals per semester (19 meals/week)
Standard Meal Plan B 200 meals per semester (14 meals/week)
Minimum Meal Plan C 150 meals per semester (10 meals/week)
Commuter Meal Plan D 75 meals per semester (5 meals/week)

Costs of Meal

Full Meal Plan A $2,820 per semester
Standard Meal Plan B $2,730 per semester
Minimum Meal Plan C $2,365 per semester
Commuter Meal Plan D $1,180 per semester

Financial Aid, Grants, and Other Financial Expenses

98% percent of the students of the University of Dubuque can access various financial assistances to run their education on a smooth path. The financial assistance ranges from federal, local, and international. On average, each student access over $20,000 in scholarship, including grants and low-interest loans.

Details of this can be seen below:
Over 92% of students can access scholarships to the tune of $20,263 to support their academic journey, and 85% can access institutional grants and scholarships at $17, 000. 49% of students can access Pell grants worth $5, 498. Other financial assistance is federal loans of $7,800, federal grants of $700 plus, and students can also be over $14,000.

For further information about University of Dubuque tuition and other fees, check here

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