Universities In The UK: Apply Now 2023

Apart from Oxford University and Cambridge university which other Uk universities do you know? if these two is just the little one you know then be rest assured that the knowledge isn’t complete, therefore this article will discuss broadly the various Universities in the UK. Below is the list of best universities to study in the UK:

1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in the year 1209, it is the fourth surviving University in the world and the second oldest in the English-speaking world. The campus is situated in the middle of the city of Cambridge. Just like Oxford University, it is one of the prestigious Universities in the world that has been existing for a long time. The town in which it is located is just an hour from London.
The University of Cambridge is a shelter that has accommodated more than 18,000 students and about 9,000 staff. It is comprised of 31 colleges and more than an estimated 98 department some of which is traced back to the 13th century. Cambridge University is a school that has produced some of the most educated and popular British figures. The University is affiliated with a total of 117 Nobel Laureates and the affiliated Mathematicians of the school have won close to 11 medals if not more than.
Getting admission to the University as an Undergraduate is a very competitive process; the number of students accepted is normally less than the total number rejected during the admission process. Their yardstick is such that even brilliant students who make good grades in their final exam are denied admission. Undergraduate training is carried out via lectures with supervision.
The workload at Cambridge University is much and cannot be compared with that of other Universities. The school libraries are home to so many academic treasures. The School has so many personalities that occupy its alumni such as Politicians, Athletes, actors, etc.

2. University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford just like I mentioned earlier in the discussion of Cambridge University is one of the renowned, oldest, and prestigious institutions in the world not just in the UK. Due to its conducive teaching and learning atmosphere, it has been able to draw top scholars and students to all its 44 colleges including halls. The procedures to gain admission into the school are extremely high making admission to be competitive.
As a common practice in UK schools, the University of Oxford also offers a good number of joint programs and there are about 250 undergraduate degree combinations. The combination of economics, politics, and philosophy is regarded as a degree course.
Both the post-graduate students and the undergraduate students are members of a college and live in college-owned accommodations.
Aside from learning, there some social activities also take place within the college. Undergraduates receive knowledge from tutors in their respective colleges, which the postgraduate students are handled by a bigger body. Oxford University has more than 90 libraries, its first-ever library was built in the year 1602, it has a museum to preserve ancient valuables. More than 50 world personalities were educated at Oxford University.

3. London School Of Economics And Political Science

The London School Of Economics has the greater number of international students enrolling in its school among all other UK Universities. The school is particularly known for its strength in Economics, Law, Philosophy, History, and Politics, the University has awarded more than 26% of all its noble prizes to members of its alumni. LSE premises is located in the Clare market region in London.
It is situated close to some other prestigious institutions such as the College of Surgeons and the British Museum, Royal court of Justice, Lincoln’s Inn. Many of its important postgraduate courses have an acceptance rate of 7% such as in Economics, Law, and others. popular academic figures, scholars, political figures such as Nelson Mandela have recommended LSE and named it a prestigious University.

4. UCL University

This was the first University to enroll students irrespective of race, class, or the region they might have come from and the first ever to admit both males and females in equal terms without bias. The University had a spiritual father named “Jeremy Bentham” Its main campus is located in Bloomsberry. Admission in the school is competitive therefore requires students to score high grades in their high school exams.
The most competitive degree courses in the school are Philosophy, Economics, and politics which receive a maximum of 30 applicants. Almost all students schooling in UCL are a foreigner. Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone is a graduate is UCL.

5. Imperial College London

It is ranked among the best universities in the world, known for being excellent in engineering, Medicine and Business, Science and Technology. The school came into existence in the year 1907 as the result of merging three colleges in London. Its mode of operation portrays international and it is comprised of 125 nationalities. Imperial College has produced big and influential political advisers, policymakers, Top Scientists, Field Medalists, and Noble Prize Winners. Graduates of Imperial colleges are highly sought after by prominent startups and major blue-chip companies. Its main campus I located near Kensington Palace and Chelsea.

6. University Of Bristol

This is one of the most leading universities in the UK. when it comes to world ranking It is ranked in the top 60 in the 2021 ranking. it is generally known for research, Innovation. The University has founded in the year 1879 its famous courses are: Engineering, Art, Medical Science. The University of Bristol combines academic excellence and a forward-thinking spirit. It is recognized internationally specifically for its research and quality education. The work of its staff and students keep making moves across the world.
More than an estimated 30,000 students are studying in the school currently who are from more than 100 countries. Its law school is leading globally and is ranked 48 among others. The University offers a lot of help to its international students throughout their stay and they assign a special tutor for a student to meet with regularly for personal assistance.

7. Loughborough University

Loughborough University is a public research institution located in the East Midland of England. It remains the fifth best University in the Uk according to ranking. it is well known for its quality teaching and research and also has a great reputation for sport internationally. The University has produced a greater number of athletes into the society that is why it is sometimes called the school of sport, exercise, and health. The school specializes in the following areas: Bioengineering, Bioscience, Aeronautical, and Automotive Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Chemistry, Communication, and media.

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