United States Sports Academy Acceptance Rate 2023

Are you a sports person looking for a school that will help you mold your career? If so, think no further than the United States Sports Academy, believe me sincerely, schooling in this international will make you the next superstar in the world of sports.

A Glance at United States Sports Academy

 The Academy was established in 1972 to enhance the potential of sportspeople. It was founded in 1972 by Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich and the purpose is to promote sports education across the United States of America and the world at large through research, services, and instruction the academy has produced a good number of students topping the A-list in the world of sports.

Why You Should Choose the United States Sports Academy?

The United States Sports Academy is a citadel of learning for those who are interested in choosing careers in sports. It is a world-renowned institution for sporting education where you can meet people from different cultures and social backgrounds.

Acceptance Rate

 The Academy is a non-selective institution as it admits 100% of all the students that choose it, but all based on a first-come, first-served, that’s the earlier you apply your chance of being admitted because it accepts all the students that turn in early registration.

Criteria for Admission

The Academy requires formal education qualifications as other institutions required. Here is what you should get to attend this institution:

 Application Form

All intended applicants are required to complete the online form.


The Academy demands students provide official transcripts from all schools previously attended.

Personal Statement

Your statement must not be 300-400 words in length and should be in a Word document format, giving information on why you decided to pursue your course of study and how it will help you in your academic journey.

Student Identity Card Photo

A jpeg format color head and shoulders photo is demanded for your student Identity. This photo should be forwarded as an email attachment.

Official Results

Formal course-by-course evaluation from an Approved Educational Credential Evaluator. The evaluation must state the equivalent of at least 30 transferable undergraduate equivalent credits required for admissions. And this applies to students with international credits only.

TOEFL Results

An official presentable result of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) confirming a minimum score of 550 for full-time admission or a score of 500-549 for conditional admission. An Internet-based aggregate score of 79 or above is needed for full standing and a score of 61-78 is needed for conditional admittance. And this applies to international applicants only.

The Program Offering

The Academy offers several sports academic courses such as international programs, sport management programs, coaching programs, strength and Conditioning programs, and custom-built programs among others.

International Programs

 The Academy International programs are meant to broaden sports programs around the world. Its international program has a research base and curriculum development to inculcate sports education in learners so that they can become vibrant and professional in all sporting programs. The Program comprises practical lessons, classroom and online learning in all sports skills and it covers programs such as sports coaching, sports management, and sports and exercises science that will lead to our awards of certification, diploma, and other certificates.

 Sports Management Programs

The Academy has a distinctive reputation to deliver successful sport management programs across the world. These programs have played a major role in preparing efficient and effective sport management personnel both locally and internationally.

The Academy offers the following Sport Management Development courses:

  • International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM)
  • International Diploma in Sports Management

Sports Coaching Development

The Academy has designed a multi-layered International Sports Coaching Development Curriculum (ISCDC) making use of the International Sports Coaching Framework (ICSF) and best practices from excellent performing national federations. The curriculum is developed to provide the appropriate tactical, professional, and interpersonal knowledge and experiences at three distinct mileages on the coach development program and to focus on the specific context in which the coach is working

Layers of Coaching Education

  1. Lead Coach Development Program
  2. Head Coach Development Program
  3. National Coach Development Program
  4. International Mentor Coach Program

Sports Strength and Conditioning programs

The Academy’s Sports Strength & Conditioning Certification (SSCC) Program prepares to have qualified strength and conditioning coaching technics and students work with athletes, teams, coaches, and sports administrators to create better-performing athletes and as well develop a large strength and conditioning community in their own local communities. For more info check here https://ussa.edu/international/programs/

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