Taught Master’s Scholarship 2023/2024

Taught Master’s Scholarship is a scholarship program for students interested in pursuing their master’s degree. The scholarship scheme cuts across the UK universities, although not every UK university offers it, universities like the University of Exeter, Swansea University, Maynooth, and a couple of others.

The scholarship is available to international students from any country. The scholarship scheme usually runs between May and June, depending on the institution of your choice.

The Worth of the Scholarship

In Maynooth’s Taught Master’s Scholarship recipients get between €2000 and €10000. This scholarship can be used to get textbooks, pay tuition, or any other things the recipient needs in the course of study.

Criteria for Selection for Taught Master’s Scholarship

The applicants intending to apply for Taught Master’s Scholarship must possess the following documents:

  1. Must have first-class or second-class upper division.
  2. Be an international student in the country you choose to study(not prerequisite criterion though)
  3. Original transcript must be signed and stamped by the institution you had your first degree.
  4. Candidates must have received a provisional or conditional offer of a place in Maynooth University on their chosen program by 26 July 2023 for their scholarship application to be evaluated.
  5. In Maynooth University, only students who have applied for a full-time taught master’s program
    by the scholarship closing date will be considered eligible for the scholarship.

Duration of the Scholarship

The recipients will benefit from the scholarship throughout their study which can be approximately said to be 4 semesters equivalent to 16 months.

Award of Scholarship

The Taught Master’s Scholarships will be awarded to the most highly brilliant applicants,
separately ranked in each department or institute, based on the highest overall results in final
year examinations.

Applicants must show that they have achieved an overall minimum 2.1 (or higher) final result
in their undergraduate honors degree. The results of examinations taken after 1st July 2023 may not be considered.

The Graduate Studies Office of Maynooth University will check the eligibility of the candidates and rank them for each
department or institute according to the academic milestone of the applicant.

Application Process

To apply for the scholarship, the applicants should do their due diligence and follow the procedure given afterward. Most importantly, the candidates should apply online and provide their data such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and required documents.

Applicants should apply online in line with their application for their chosen postgraduate program @https://v2.pac.ie/institute/2

Every candidate applying to full-time taught master’s programs through Maynooth University’s PAC
platform will automatically be allowed to apply for a taught master’s scholarship in the course of filling out an online application.

If any candidate wishes to be considered for the Taught Masters Scholarship, such candidate must tick the scholarship box on the online application. An applicant may be asked to provide supplementary information or documentation concerning SUSI grants or other financial support received during undergraduate study, where this is relevant to your scholarship application.

Any supplementary documentation should be submitted by 10 July 2023. Failing to do this will result in the application the applicant being
excluded from assessment.

For information, inquiries, or assistance, applicants should contact the Graduate Studies Office @[email protected]

For further information, you can check here https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/study-maynooth/postgraduate-studies/fees-funding-scholarships/taught-masters-scholarships

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