South Dakota Scholarship Opportunities 2023

South Dakota Scholarship schemes are opportunities for students to access quality education paid for by the government and organizations of Dakota. They are rare opportunities for exceptional students who have a high academic standard. If you have the required documents and you are suitably qualified, you should take the chance of these scholarship schemes and become one of the international students benefiting from world-class quality education.

About University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota is a government-owned research institution located in South Dakota, United States of America. It was established in 1862. It is the flagship and oldest university in South Dakota. It has a 91 percent undergraduate acceptance rate. The university sits on 274 acres. It has a $264.1 million endowment fund. It is boastful of 435 academic staff and 9971 students; 7,435 undergraduate and 2536 postgraduate students. The university occupies only medical school and law school in the whole of South Dakota. It is home to many American artifacts and has different lifestyles for students and sports activities. The university has been one of the universities in the United States of America and has the least student population that makes a haven for a serious learning environment and gives students the best atmosphere of harmony within its domain.

About University of South Dakota Scholarships

South Dakota Scholarships are meant to assist students who are freshmen in the university. Every freshman at the University of South Dakota is automatically qualified for the scholarships. It is a scheme used to assist students who are academically sound and intellectually endowed. The University of South Dakota’s scholarship is being managed by the University of South Dakota Foundation. The scholarship is awarded annually and $6 million are earmarked for the scholarships. The scholarships are given to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarship is awarded based on academic records and grades.

Category of USD Scholarships

There are various categories of University of South Dakota Scholarships from academic excellence, athletic abilities, departmental ones

Coyote Commitment Scholarship Programme

The scholarship is meant for fresh students that apply for Fall admission to USD. $3500 is awarded to each successful applicant. It will run consecutively for the period of students’ course of study.

Eligibility of Coyote

Applicants will be eligible for the scholarship if they have these requirements.

  • Applicants must be full-time students
  • Applicants must have a good grade GPA
  • Applicants will be eligible for the scholarship if they apply on April 1.

USD Valedictorian Scholarship

It is a category of USD scholarships given to high school students who have finished with good academic grades. The scholarship’s worth is between $250 and $500 on yearly basis.
The students applying for this must apply to Vermilion campus, one of the campuses at the University of South Dakota.


  1. Any applicants seeking this scholarship must be
  2. Applicants who have graduated from secondary school and top the class.
  3. Applicants must have gotten their high school academic diploma.

Dual Credit Scholarship

The dual scholarship credit program is meant for the first time, first-year full-time students who have completed their dual credit courses through the University of South Dakota.
Eligibility: Those eligible for this scholarship scheme are the students that have finished their dual credit program.

Academic Achievement Scholarships

This is another category of scholarships at the University of South Dakota is this prestigious scholarship award is given to exceptional scholars who have shown greatness in leadership and academic records. The scholarship is awarded based on academic records or ACT or SAT examinations’ scores.

Anna Sorensen Crowley-Lennox Scholarship

This is another scholarship scheme where academic success served as a benchmark. The scholarship is valued at $2500 per year and will run for the academic period of applicants. It is awarded to students who graduated topping the class in Lennox High School. It is for the students that showcase leadership skills, excellence, and patriotic citizenship.

Charles & Ellengray Gutzman Kennedy Family Scholarship

It is another scholarship scheme worth $2500 to incoming first-year undergraduate students and those who meet requirements for USD scholarship’s criteria.

Other Scholarships include:

  1. Glenn E. & Barbara R. Ullyot Lakota Scholarship
  2. Mickelson Scholarships
  3. Presidential Alumni Scholarship
  4. Rawlins Scholarship
  5. Spearfish Area Scholarship
  6. University of South Dakota Transfer Scholarship for Phi Theta Kappa, Transfer Students Scholarship
  7. Al Neuharth Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism Beacom Family Business Scholarship
  8. Dorothy C. Schieffer Political Science Scholarship
  9. Nolop Institute Scholarship for Medical Biology
  10. Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)
  11. Robert “Bid” and Jonette “Joni” Miller Scholarship
  12. TikTok Scholarship
  13. Walter A. and Lucy Yoshiko Buhler Scholarship Business and Fine Arts
  14.  The USD Knudson School of Law Honor Scholar Scheme
  15. The Prestigious Sanford School of Medicine Alumni Student Scholars Program Talent Scholarships
  16. Athletic Scholarships

General Eligibility for any of these Scholarships

For anyone to be eligible for one or other of these scholarship schemes.

  1. Applicants must be either high school students or graduates
  2. Applicants must have good academic records
  3. Applicants must have shown leadership potentials
  4. Applicants must be to show extraordinary academic abilities in the courses of their studies
  5. Applicants should ensure to have pre-qualification and prerequisite qualifications

Required Documents

  • High school grade (for high school graduate)
  • University Transcripts (for graduates who intend to pursue Masters program)
  • Valid traveling documents
  • English Proficiency Certificate

Application Process

Application for any of the scholarships is strictly online. Applicants should provide their bio-data, academic records, leadership certificates, and other necessary documents.

Selection Procedure

The selection of candidates is merit-based. The applicants’ records and applications will be verified, crosschecked, and evaluated by the team of Scholarships’ Committee on the premises of the University of South Dakota.
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