Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2023

University of Oxford being one of the world’s oldest universities has Thousands if not millions of people that gets admission annually and also millions of people seeking admission from all corners of the world. Many people have been asking questions regarding the Oxford University acceptance rate for 2022, are you among those desperately looking for answers? relax you are in the right forum, That is why this article will give you what you need to know about Oxford, eligibility, required documents, among other details.

About Oxford University

The University of Oxford is a world-renowned research institution. It is situated in Oxford, England, United Kingdom. It is a world-leading teaching and research-based institution. It was founded in 1096. It has close to 7000 staff and over 24000 students. It has over 11000 undergraduate students and 12010 postgraduate students. It has been discovered that the university has thirty-nine semi-autonomous constituent colleges, to crown it all  six permanent private halls, and many academic departments that are divided into four. The university is a home museum that occupies most world’s oldest artifacts. The university has the world-renowned 72 Nobel Prize recipients cut across departments. It has three field medalists and 6 Turing Award winners who have studied and worked in Oxford. Most of the University alumni have won Olympic medals.

Acceptance Rate and Admission Process

Too many university aspirants, especially international candidates, the University of Oxford is seen as one of the most difficult to gain admission into because of its world-famous academic milestones in research and teaching, and those finished there are most recognized as the university is one of the universities with Oxbridge status. The acceptance rate is put on an average of 17 percent. There’s a higher chance for UK citizens to be accepted by the university; 80 percent of undergraduate students and 36 percent of graduate students are citizens of the United Kingdom.

The international acceptance rate is 17 percent makes Oxford one of the most competitive institutions in the world. Any international students interested in Oxford will work extra hours to be accepted. Although Oxford university’s acceptance rate is trailing Ivy league United States’ universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia among others. Oxford is still a fair school compared to other universities.

It accepts more students than any other. There is a chance for international students to have a place in Oxford if such students have all the requirements and academic feat. The university is still far better than most universities in terms of students’ acceptance. Year in year out, millions of students across the world fight for a place in the school that’s why it is more competitive than any other university.

School Fees and other Miscellaneous Funding

University of Oxford’s school fees varies according to levels, course of study, and other miscellaneous expenses. Many have it in mind that Oxford’s tuition fee is one of the most expensive in the world, but compare to other top-tier universities. We can assume that it is not that much. The average payment for undergraduate and postgraduate is stood at £9,250 for UK and Ireland citizens while international students pay between £26770 and £37520 annually. This payment depends on the course of study and other miscellaneous expenses. And living expenses can stand between £10,575 and £15,500, this calculation is based on two semesters equivalent to a session. What includes are accommodation, food, course materials, seminar, conference, and other educational activities.

To lessen the financial burden of the students, Oxford provides students’ aids and scholarships which can help students to cover and solve financial problems. Any student can access financial aid and scholarships regardless of whether the student is international or local. You can get your fair share.

Admission Requirements

The students seeking Oxford must have prerequisite qualifications and required documents. The documents for application include:

  • Excellent academic records
  • Social accomplishments
  • A’level Certificate or equivalent.
  • Signed university transcripts for those pursuing postgraduate program
  • One Essay on the reason you choose to study at Oxford and another will be given on a certain topic.
  • TOEFL/IELTS test score among other documents.

Some Available Courses at Oxford

  1. Modern Languages
  2. Modern Languages and Linguistics
  3. Music
  4. Oriental Studies
  5. Philosophy and Modern Languages
  6. Philosophy and Theology
  7. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
  8. Physics
  9. Physics and Philosophy
  10. Psychology (Experimental)
  11. Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics (PPL)
  12. Religion and Oriental Studies
  13. Theology and Religion
  14. Archaeology and Anthropology
  15. Biochemistry
  16. Biology
  17. Biomedical Sciences
  18. Chemistry
  19. Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  20. Classics
  21. Classics and English
  22. Classics and Modern Languages
  23. Classics and Oriental Studies
  24. Computer Science
  25. Computer Science and Philosophy
  26. Earth Sciences (Geology)
  27. Economics and Management
  28. Engineering Science
  29. English and Modern Languages
  30. English Language and Literature
  31. European and Middle Eastern Languages
  32. Fine Art
  33. Geography
  34. History
  35. History (Ancient and Modern)
  36. History and Economics
  37. History and English
  38. History and Modern LanguagesHistory and Politics
  39. History of Art
  40. Human Sciences
  41. Law
  42. Materials Science
  43. Mathematics
  44. Mathematics and Computer Science
  45. Mathematics and Philosophy
  46. Mathematics and Statistics
  47. Medicine

Admission Process

To study at Oxford, applicants need to be careful while applying for their courses of study. Prospective applicants should start their application a year before the commencement of the academic year and you should apply through the Universities and Colleges Admission Service otherwise known as UCAS on this link https://www.ucas.com. UCAS is the body saddled with the responsibilities of regulating students’ admission.

And after this, applicants must take an admission test as most of the courses at Oxford require candidates to take qualification tests to know their academic standing. For a candidate to be successful, the candidates must take subjects that their courses of studies required.

Candidates should fully prepare for the test because admission into the university is highly competitive. And the candidates with the highest marks will be considered for admission.
The Oxford’s test is conducted by Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing (CAAT).
After taking the qualified test, candidates should send in their written work. Most of Oxford’s courses demand prospective students to write an essay that will show the students’ writing abilities and this will also boost their chances for acceptance.

Having submitted the essay, candidates will be booked for an interview to ascertain the intellectual capacity of the students. The answers given during the interview will also play a major role in accepting applicants. After the interview, candidates should then wait for the university management’s decisions on their applications.

For further information, please consult here https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate.



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