Ning Scholarship 2023

Ning-Po Scholarship is accepting applications for its 2023 mode from suitably qualified and students with the best academic records. The scholarship is an international opportunity for those who are dreaming of gaining international exposure and education. It is a way of getting world-class education for yourself. The interested students should try to follow this article for what can make you successfully become one of the selected candidates.

This article will take you through the application process, about Ning, about Ning scholarship, scholarship eligibility, criteria, and selection procedure. Ning scholarship remains one of the best scholarship schemes in the world for its contingent structure and social flexibility. It doesn’t give much consideration to the rules. So any applicants can scale through its fence in as much as such candidates possess convinced requirements and benchmark requirements and criteria. The emphasis on procedural selection is based on merit and academic records

About Ning-Po Scholarship

Ning-Po Scholarship is a Hong Kong undergraduate scholarship hosted by the Queen Mary University of London. It is a fully-funded scholarship scheme. It is financed by alumni donations from Ning Po College. The scholarship is awarded to the students who have shown academic prowess and intelligent skills in their academic journey. It is a scholarship scheme that has helped much less privileged to access a world-class education.

It is a pay-it-all scholarship that makes students not bother their guardians or parents for money. The scholarship scheme has become guardian or parent once applicants are selected. The wait for those who sponsor my education is no longer a headache for the selected applicants. The primary objective of the scholarship is to ensure every brilliant candidate is allowed to pursue their courses of study without problems.

Financial Coverage of the Scholarship

The scholarship scheme covers full tuition fees for the period of course of the recipients. The scholarship will provide three return tickets to the students who are successfully selected on yearly basis. It is also provided allowances for the students’ upkeep and course materials. It also allows students to attend pre-sessional English classes. The scholarship scheme is available to both domestic and international students who must have been offered study opportunities at the Queen Mary University of London. The Queen Mary University of London is the best partner that houses the scholarship scheme and has housed many students for the scholarship scheme.

About Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary University of London is a public research institution in London, England, United Kingdom. It is a government-owned university known for international research and academic mileage. It was named after Mary of Teck as a Queen of England. It is an arm of the Federal University of London. It’s its historical fact on London Hospital Medical College. It was founded in 1785.

It’s endowment fund of 37 million pounds and over 500 million financial budget. It has a capacity staff of over 4500 and over 21 thousand students of which over 14 thousand are undergraduate students while over 6000 are postgraduate students. It is a multicampus institution; it has campuses across England, which are West Smithfield, Lincoln’s Inn Field, Charterhouse Square, Mile End, and Whitechapel. Each of the campuses is independent on its own/its own. The university has international campuses in four countries China, Malta, France, and Greece.


Why give this scholarship scheme a shot?

The scholarship scheme is hosted by the United Kingdom’s university, one of the countries with the best education in the world, even most of UK’s universities rated among top hundred in the world by organization ranking universities. It will be a better place for you to learn and immerse in international cultures. Apart from this, it will be a place of academic exposure and international exploration.

You will learn from the university that will ascertain your job opportunity without paying a dime to study. You will return with jobs waiting for you because international products are always sought after in any country because of their international certificates and recognition. Education in the United Kingdom is by far more valued than any other country, only behind the United States of America’s education system and sometimes, place side by side in terms of value system. So grabbing the scholarship will give you all these mentioned above opportunities.

Why study in the United Kingdom?

The School system of the United Kingdom is top-notch which has been regarded as one of the best which you too will have the advantage to gain from it. You will have an opportunity to access world-class facilities available in the United Kingdom with no payment. If you compare education in the United Kingdom with other countries, you will realize that the United Kingdom pays more value to their education which has been the bane for its social, political, economic development, and sustainable growth among the comity of the nations.

Education in the UK begins at five years and ends at age of 16 for high school students before they can proceed to higher Institutions during this time, the students will take the General Certificate of Secondary Education which will serve as a passport to higher Institution or post-secondary education where students will choose the course of their choice which will give them areas of specialization.

Scholarship Eligibility

The scholarship can only be granted to the candidates who are eligible for requirements.

  • Applicants who should apply for the scholarship must have got provisional admission offer from Queen Mary University of London
  • Applicants must be full-time students who intend to pursue an undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants must have attended any of the schools covered in the scholarship which will be shared later in the course of this article.
  • Applicants should have unbeatable academic records

Required Documents

Candidates that are interested in the scholarship scheme must provide qualification documents that will serve as one of the yardsticks for the selection of applicants.

  1. International Travelling Documents ( international passport or any other documents that will allow candidates to travel to their countries)
  2. Transcripts ( that show the academic records of the applicants)
  3. IELTS score ( that shows the level of candidates’ English Proficiency)
  4. Candidates’ statements (that explain the reasons candidates are interested in the scholarship scheme)

Application Process

The application for processing this scholarship opportunity is online based. Applicants will give the following details;

  • Applicants will sign up with an email address that will serve as a communication tool between applicants and the scholarship board.
  • Applicants should provide their surname, middle name, and first name as it is on their documents and traveling document.
  • Applicants should then provide their residence address. After supplying this, applicants should then provide their date of birth, their gender status (if they feel like it, not necessary though). Marital status.
  • After this, applicants should attend institutions and upload their required documents to ascertain the authenticity of their applications.

Selection Procedure

Selecting applicants is hinged on academic achievements which show academic milestones of the applicants and valid and weighty documents that show applicants have needed requirements if they are eventually selected for the scholarship.
For further information, you can check here.–hong-kong-scholarship.html

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