Nigerian Universities Accredited For Optometry 2023

If you are among those aspiring to study Optometry in Nigerian Universities, this post is for you. This article will list out the best Universities offering Optometry as a course of study in Nigeria, salary structure, JAMB requirements, and their course outline. Those who have a bit of idea of physics will understand that optics means light and that should provide a little idea of what optometry is all about.

What Exactly Is Optometry?

It is a profession in the health category that is concerned with examining the eyes for defects of vision and diagnosing and treating such effects. They supply eyeglasses to people concerned, contact lenses, and other necessary things that correct the focusing of the eyes. They also work on detecting various other disorders such as Cataracts and Glaucoma. They also counsel people on how to care for their eyes, carry out supervision of the exercises and various training programs that are designed to solve the problems of the eye, and help patients who have restricted or low vision.

Therefore, students studying Optometry are trained on how to manage, diagnose and treat the human eyes when abnormalities occur. Optometry also offers training on identifying the various diseases of the eyes, the structures and the various attributes of light, the processing of vision in the human brain, and eye Optometry.

It will be wise to understand that the eyes are one of the most important organs in the human body and as such only not all Nigerian Universities are offering the course except the few accredited by the NUC. Presently there are about seven (7) Universities that offer Optometry in Nigeria and the accredited schools are medical schools. Optometry is one career filled with possibilities. It offers good income, varieties, flexibility, and the freedom to choose a location to stay

Who Is An Optometrist?

An Optometrist is a primary health care specialist who specializes in visual health and eye care. They examine, diagnose, treat and manage injuries of the eye and other associated structures and also check their system condition.

Frequently Asked Questions by Applicants As Regard Optometry:

How Long Is Optometry Study?

Most Optometry programs are run as four years programs while some may be more than and students are expected to complete at least three years of undergraduate study before beginning the program. The answer is yes, They earn a degree as a doctor of optometry degree.

What Is The Average Salary Of An Optometrist?

According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the median salary of an Optometrist in 2021 is $118,050.

Viable Differences Between an Optometrist, an optician, and an Ophthalmologist.

An Optometrist: works as a primary health care provider, he or she specializes in visual health and health care.

An Optician: He or She is a professional who grinds and dispenses glasses including fitting them.

Ophthalmologist: This is a medical doctor who specializes in the various diseases of the eyes.

Roles and Responsibilities of Optometrists:

  • Optometrists perform some minor surgical procedures that aim to treat or correct eye issues and to correct and treat visual effects.
  • They offer treatments such as low vision rehabilitation or vision therapy. Diagnose nearsightedness and other eye diseases such as glaucoma.
  • They prescribed eyeglasses and lenses to patients.
  • They offer pre and post-operative care to patients who are undergoing surgery.
  • Check patients for the presence of other diseases and also evaluate the condition of patients. Provide counseling to patients on the eye and general health.
  • Most Optometrists spend much time rendering specialized care, especially if they are working as a group with other Optometrists.

Job Opportunities For Optometrists In Nigeria:

Persons who are into the field of Optometry just like other medical practitioners can seek employment in any of the following:

  • Federal and State Ministry of Health
  • Federal Medical Centres In The Country
  • University Teaching Hospitals Both NatIon and Statewide
  • Government Eye Care Specialists Hospitals
  • Private Owned Eye Care Specialists Hospitals
  • State-Owned Hospitals

Approved Salary Scale Of Optometrists In Nigeria

The monthly salary of an Optometrist in Nigeria ranges from 90,000-150,000. However, for those working under the government, the entry-level salary is normally around 70,000 for fresh graduates and they will earn higher as their rank increases. I know some Optometrists that make up to 250,000 a month from just their private practices.

Optometry is a very lucrative job in Nigeria, their monthly payment is not stagnant, it depends on the effort of the worker.

Requirements To Study Optometry In Nigerian Universities:

There are some laid down conditions an applicant must fulfill before being admitted to study Optometry in Nigerian Universities.

One must have an O’level result that carries the correct subject combination and a jamb result with a higher jamb score. Optometry is a course that is studied under the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences therefore it requires Use of English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology in its JAMB subject combination. Also, applicants are expected to must have studied the courses below in their secondary level which include: Physics, Biology, Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Mathematics, and English Language.

WAEC subject Combination includes: five (5) credit passes in O’level which must include English Language and Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and one other science subject.

Direct Entry Requirements: Two A’level credit passes which must be chosen among Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Our next step will be displaying the list of universities in Nigeria where you can study Optometry and become the best in the field.

Best Nigerian Universities To Study Optometry

  1. Madonna University-Okija
  2. Federal University Of Technology-Owerri
  3. University of Ilorin-Ilorin
  4. Abia State University-Uturu
  5. University Of Benin-Benin City
  6. Bayero University-Kano
  7. Imo State University-Owerri
  8. Kano State University.

The number of Universities offering Optometry is not much due to the nature of the course. You are to check from the best selected above and feel free to drop a comment where necessary.

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