Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarship 2023


Newcastle University has invited Nigerian students who are qualified academically to come to the United Kingdom and study on a scholarship scheme that will give recipients a chance not to pay full tuition as the balance will be covered by the scholarship scheme of Newcastle University. The scheme is a scholarship opportunity given to citizens of Nigeria who are academically sounded and have made a difference in education mileage. The scholarship is meant to draw Nigerian scholars to experience outside world academic taste in Newcastle. It is a scholarship purposely meant for the social and educational inclusion of Nigerian citizens. It is a scholarship scheme that will give recipients to interact with the citizens of the United Kingdom while pursuing their courses of study.

About Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a world-class university in the United Kingdom. It is a leading university in the United Kingdom and one of the best in the world. It’s aimed at promoting undiluted knowledge, enhancing critical thinking for proffering creative solutions to global defects. It is a university advancing education and research for human development. It is located in Newcastle, one of the most advanced provinces in the United Kingdom. The university has overseas campuses in Singapore and Malaysia. It was established in 1963. It has a total enrollment of 23,864 as of 2014 but that may have increased to 28,467 in a rough estimate. It is one university that anyone would like to attend in the United Kingdom.

About Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarship 2023

The scholarship is primarily given to Nigerian citizens. The scholarship is awarded to those who are going to start their Master’s program. The scholarship will serve as a bridge to the other world. The scholarship will straighten out and mold the minds of recipients more uniquely. The purpose of the scholarship is to attract Nigerians who are exceptionally intelligent and academically talented to contribute to the UK education sector and in turn mold them to be internationally recognized scholars and experts in their chosen careers. This is an opportunity for Nigerians who have a high intelligent quotient to learn in the advanced world for international exposure.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for this scholarship, the aspirants must possess the required attribution.

  1. Applicants must be of Nigeria origin
  2. Applicants must be ready to relocate
  3. Applicants must be academically excelled
  4. Applicants must have an offer in one of the Masters offering at Newcastle University
  5. Applicants must have acquired first class or second class upper division
  6. Applicants must have financial backup to live in the United Kingdom

Courses Considered for that will Scheme

The scholarship offer considers the following courses of study to be eligible for selection

  • MA International Development and Education
  • LLM International Commercial Law
  • MSc Smart System Engineering
  • MSc Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management
  • MSc Electrical Power
  • MSc Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Global Human Resources Management
  • MSc Finance
  • MA International Relation.

Scholarship Financial Coverage

The scholarship will be awarded to 20 successful applicants at £4000 each

Required Documents

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must make all these available

  1. Valid International Travelling Documents
  2. University Transcript
  3. University Certificate
  4. Essay on the reason for showing interest in Newcastle University and scholarship
    Curriculum Vitae
  5. Language Proficiency Certificate/scores (TOEFL or IELTS).

Application Process

Applicants must have completed their bachelor’s degree in an accredited university. Then proceed to the scholarship portal of Newcastle University for international students to supply their bio-data and other information about themselves then finally, attach all the required documents.

Selection Procedure

Selection of the candidates is based on merit where candidates submitted records will be verified and evaluated and the best among those who apply would have the advantage to be selected successfully.
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