MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

Studying in university is a thing of joy for both parents and students but if it couldn’t be afforded. It will be seen as a source of pain for both parents and prospective students. Many promising and exceptionally brilliant students have stopped their academic pursuance halfway to halftime because they couldn’t pay the financial price to reach the successful end of their academic careers and this will be like an excruciating pain to them as they have countless aspirations and dreams to do with their schooling, but unfortunately, they are too rich to afford school fees and consequently they kicked themselves out of academic field unknowingly to them that there are ways they keep themselves back to the academic arena. When the aspirations and dreams of a young one are threatened by financial capacity, it makes the world a traumatic experience to live in.

Thankfully, the dreams and aspirations can now be fulfilled and realized with some available corporate social Responsibilities of some Nigerian companies. One of them is the company I am about to mention. This company takes it as a way of compensating young people and education enthusiasts of Nigerian origin through a scholarship scheme. So your threatened academic pursuance due to financial incapability is now a thing of the past through scholarship scheme. MTN Nigeria through its social responsibility window, MTN Foundation is given scholarship awards to deserving Nigeria’s citizens who are excellently inclined in academic mileage. Taking a chance to make this happen will put you on top of the world. Do you what it takes? If your answer is yes, kindly take a step and make a move by applying for this rare opportunity.

Application Announcement

MTN Foundation hereby invites highly qualified undergraduate candidates to apply for its 2021/2022 scholarship scheme.
About MTN Nigeria.
MTN Nigeria is a telecommunication company that connects millions of Nigerians through their phones. It has served many Nigerians to be able to keep their loved ones within reach. It’s known as one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Nigeria and many other countries.

About MTN Foundation

MTN Foundation is a corporate social entity of MTN Nigeria charged with social responsibilities for the countries where MTN operates. It is in charge of solving social problems which are always championed by any corporate entity in a country of operation. The Foundation usually partners with other companies or civil societies to bring succor to the problems. It’s been doing for years with fruitful results where thousands of lives have been touched.

About MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme

MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is a tuition fee paid awards for exceptional undergraduates in Nigerian institutions. It’s a way of strengthening the education foundation of Nigeria and developing skilled labor in the country. The scholarship scheme is promoting excellence in education and experiential learning. The scholarship scheme is also organized to attract brilliant undergraduate students in Nigeria. The foundation provides financial assistance for its recipients. MTN Foundation scholarship is awarded under the Youth Development Cause where exceptional youths are recognized with scholarships.

Category of MTN Scholarship

There are three categories of the MTN Scholarship Scheme. Each of the categories rewards exceptional students accordingly.
MTN Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme. This category of scholarship awards to 300 level students studying Science and Technology related courses in Nigerian universities. This is a scholarship scheme category where three hundred students are selected and awarded the sum of two hundred thousand nairas only per session till the students graduate from their institutions (but only if the students keep pacing high grades).
The second scholarship category is given to special students (blind students) who are in the 200 level studying any course in Nigerian universities. In this category, 60 successful students are chosen and rewarded with #200000 worth of scholarships till they finish their education.
The third category of scholarship is a scholarship scheme where the ten highest Jamb scorers are qualified to the scholarship for scoring the highest marks. The students are rewarded with #200000 worth of scholarships from 100 level till the day of their graduation but only if they keep soaring in their academic grade. This category is determined by JAMB and MTN Foundation. No form to fill because the two bodies decide it so it’s processed in an automatic mode.

Application Eligibility and Requirements

  1. The applicants must be Nigerians or residents in Nigeria.
  2. The applicants must be full-time undergraduate students.
  3. The applicants must be 100 level or 300 level students.
  4. The applicants must be exceptional students with high CPGA.
  5. The applicants must score the highest score UTME (for the JAMB category)
  6. The candidates must be special (for the blind category)

Required Documents

The application for the MTN Foundation Scholarship Scheme requires the following documents from the applicants. The applicants who possess all these documents should be ready to be invited for the interview if they meet other related requirements. The documents are:

  • A valid student Identity Card (not expired)
  • Government’s issue Identity Card such as National Identity Card, Voter’s Card, International Passport or Driver’s License or any other valid one.
  • Letter of Admission (that proves your studentship)
  • Semester Result Slip (that proves your CPGA)
  • UTME Result
  • Local Government’s Identification

Application Process

The process of applying for the MTN Foundation scholarship scheme is a bit different from the other scholarship schemes. Primarily the application process is online but there’s also a part where the shortlisted applicants will be invited for interviews to maintain integrity and establish scholarship merit.

How to Apply

The applicants should log into MTN Foundation scholarship’s portal then go to your scholarship category and supply your details; enter your name surname, your first name, and then your middle name. Then, select your gender; your state of origin; your date of birth; your local government; your state of residence, and any other information necessary for the success of your application. Having done this, you are good to go.

The procedure of Scholarship Consideration

MTN Scholarship Scheme is considered based on meritocracy not mediocrity or favoritism, nepotism, or any other. They select the scholarship recipients based on academic records and routine performance. So, the better your academic records, the easier your chance of claiming the scholarship.

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