Mississippi State University Tuition Fees

Mississippi State University is one of the ivy league institutions that help my students achieve their academic dreams. It is known for its academic excellence. One of the best in the areas of science, art, technology, commerce, and entrepreneurship. It is an institution with the difference in all senses and sights. It is the best institution for those who demand quality education.

Brief History About Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Science is popularly called MSU. It’s a public-support institution situated in Mississippi. It has years of producing the best brains in the field of agriculture and science. It is well known in the field of research which makes it the largest research institute in Mississippi with a budget of $239.4 million of dollars. It is known for taking in more enrollees than any other institution in the state.

It was formerly known as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of the State of Mississippi between1878–1932 and Mississippi State College between 1932–1958. It was founded on February 28, 1878, which approximately means it’s established 144 years ago. It has endowment funds of $698.2 million which low-income students can benefit from. It’s prided for over four thousand staff for its administrative and academic departments. It has a student capacity of 23,086. And it’s built on 4200 acres.

Its designated world wide web is www.msstate.edu. It has many colleges and faculties, and it’s the habitable home of only approved architecture and veterinary medicine. The University is notable for participating in the National Sea Grant College Programme and National Space Grant College and Fellowship. The University has its main campus situated at Starkville and two other mini campuses sited at Meridien and Biloxi.
Schools and Colleges
College of Education
James Worth Bagley College of Engineering
Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering
Shackouls Honors College
College of Forest Resources
College of Veterinary Medicine
School of Human Sciences
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
College of Architecture Art and Design
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business
Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy

Student Life

At Mississippi State University, students are given a great chance to explore and enjoy academic, social, cultural, and international experiences. There are different student organizations that students can partake in from sports, music, theater, and other lifestyles that enable students to enjoy life at the university.

Available Halls in the University

Student halls at Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Science
New construction halls:

Deavenport Hall – co-residential

Dogwood Hall – co-residential

Griffis Hall – co-residential

Hurst Hall – co-residential

Magnolia Hall – co-residential

Moseley Hall – co-residential

Nunnelee Hall (formerly North Hall) – co-residential

Oak Hall – co-residential

Ruby Hall – co-residential

Traditional Style Halls:

  • Cresswell Hall – co-residential
  • Critz Hall – co-residential
  • Hathorn Hall – female
  • Herbert Hall – co-residential
  • Hull Hall – co-residential

Tuition Fees

The average tuition fee at Mississippi State University stands at $16000. The tuition fees depend on the course of study and other academic situations.
The expenses can be broken down as follow:

  • In-state tuition fees $9,220
  • Out-of-state tuition fees $ 24,900
  • Room and Board $10,630.

Mississippi State University remains one of the cheaper institutions in the United States. If comparing the average tuition of the institution to other United States universities that have an average of $30000 for in-state students while out-of-state students pay an average of $45000. The in-state tuition fee is just over $9000 and out-of-state tuition fees are just $24000.

And the room and board fee is just not whooping but a meager amount of $10600 compare to other universities in the United States with a huge amount of $25500 on average. Choosing Mississippi State University is a way of being settled for quality at a low price. For an average student to take Mississippi will be a lofty idea rather than taking a school that you can afford its payment.

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