Mississippi State University Acceptance Rate 2023

MSU as it is generally called is situated in Mississippi State and was founded in 1878. In the light of modern discovery, MSU admits over twenty-three thousand students per year and offers different programs in the institution. Are you aware that MSU offers more than 160 degrees which include 14 master’s degrees in sixty-nine programs? It also offers a doctoral degree in 44 programs.

MSU recently adopted 14 graduate certification programs. Therefore in this article, we will be centered on the MSU acceptance rate, Ranking, Academic life, and admission requirements. Due to their academic performance, Various candidates in the United State and across applies to be admitted every year. Talking about the campus setting, MSU has a rural setting with a campus size of 4200 acres. Just like other institutions, it makes use of a semester base academic calender. it was recently discovered that MSU is among the best college in the United State.

2023 MSU Ranking.

Based on the fact that schools are ranked according to their performance.  MSU is ranked #196 in National Universities. MSU has the ranking below:

  • 196 in National Universities
  • 128 in the Best college of veterans
  • 175 in Best valued schools

Accademic Life at MSU

In this contest, we will look at various disciplines offered by MSU. These disciplines are :

  1. Agricultural/Animal/Plant/Veterinary Science and Related Fields
  2. Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  3. Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology
  4. Psychology; Social Sciences;
  5. Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs
  6. Business Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services
  7. Engineering; Education; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

MSU Admission Requirements.

There are certain criteria you need to focus on if you are looking for admission to MSU. Such criteria include:

  • GPA requirement
  • Application requirement
  • Testing requirements, including SAT and ACT requirements

In this article, we will elucidate more on the criteria above

GPA requirement

MSU expects its candidates to be around average at least a GPA of 3.43. in your high school classes, you will need a combination of A’s B’s, and at least C’s, but if you have a lower GPA, you can be given a harder course like AP or IB classes, this will help to boost your GPA and show your ability to enroll in college classes. If your GPA is below the school average of 3.43, you will need a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate. This will help you meet up with other applicants who have higher GPAs than you.

Testing Requirements, Including SAT and ACT Requirements:

It takes either SAT and ACT to apply to MSU. Only strong application can be approved. The average SAT score composite in MSU is 1180 on 1600 SAT scale. This viable score makes MSU competitive for SAT scores. Just like the ACT the MSU doesn’t have a hard ACT cutoff but if your score is low you will automatically lose the admission. The average ACT score in MSU is 25, the 25th percentile ACT Score is 21 and the 75 ACT score is 28.

MSU acceptance Rate.

Subsequently, the overall acceptance rate for MSU is 53.9 percent, with over 18,300 applicants yearly. This figure comprises both people In the state and people that are not in the state. Judging from the historical MSU acceptance trend chart, we can drive the conclusion of the 2022 MSU acceptance rate. In the light of modern discovery, the overall acceptance trend for MSU has been going down when compared to averages from the previous years.

Yearly Statistics

  1.  2016-2017: 55.7%
  2.  2017-2018: 62.4%
  3.  2018-2019: 56.9%
  4.  2019-2020: 53.9%

Projected MSU Acceptance Rate 2022-2023: 52.6%

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