Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited 2023/2024 Scholarship: Apply

Application Announcement

Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited hereby invites qualified applicants to apply for 2021/2022 for its scholarship scheme for secondary and university education


Many scholarship opportunities are not for only university students, some are also for secondary schools while some are for both tertiary institutions and secondary schools. One of these scholarship schemes that are for both is the Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited scholarship. The scholarship scheme is awarded to both tertiary and secondary students who are within Niger Delta or Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited host community. It is a scholarship aimed at promoting academic excellence and studentship skills. It is a scheme that sees the education of both sides as most paramount for social security and human development. A scholarship of this nature catches the brilliance in students from the cradle to the pinnacle.

About Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited

Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited is a Nigerian-based company that deals in oil and gas with its Headquarters in Lagos State and is hosted by the oil-rich region of Niger Delta for oil exploration. The company was officially registered in 1999 and began its operation in 2001. The owners are the Delta State Government and a group of people that invested in it.

About Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited Scholarship

Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited Scholarship is a joint venture arrangement and corporate social responsibility of the company to pay students’ tuition fees for a certain duration of course of study. The scholarship is primarily targeted exceptionalism in students’ academic performance and also promotes individual skills and talents. It only covers Niger Delta students. And it targets both tertiary and secondary students. The scholarship covers all expenses that applicants to pursue their academic careers.

Category of Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship scheme can be categorized according to secondary and tertiary education. Here are the categories of the scholarship scheme.

Secondary school community scholarship awards ( this is for high school students) and this category allows only host community students.

University community scholarship awards. This category is meant for undergraduates; those who are still in the university who are from the host community; a community where Midwestern Oil and Gas Company is exploring oil and gas.

University Merit Awards. This category is for Delta State indigenes.
The secondary category is specifically designed for junior secondary school students, especially, JSS 1 and 2. This scholarship is meant anyone academically exceptional. And the university category is awarded to 100 level and 200 level academically excelled students.

There are no specific courses that students in the university category cannot study; students studying courses can apply for the scholarship scheme. However, the university where applicants are pursuing their courses of study must be a government-approved Nigerian institution.

Scholarship Eligibility

The section explains those who are eligible for the scholarship scheme.

  • Applicants must be indigenes of the Niger Delta States or members of the host community where Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited operates.
  • Applicants must exhibit excellent academic records
  • Applicants applying must be current students of 100level or 200 level (for university category)
  • Applicants who applying the secondary category must also be current students in JSS
    Required Documents for the Scholarship Scheme

The following documents are required from the applicants applying for the Midwestern Oil and Gas Scholarship for secondary and university categories:

  1. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination with a minimum of five credit passes which include English and Mathematics at one sitting
  2. JAMB/UTME Result
  3. Student Identity Card ( for the university category)
  4. Semester Result minimum of 3.5 CPGA (for the university category)
  5. Academic Records for both categories.
  6. Admission letter (for secondary school)
  7. Official University Admission letter
  8. The last examination result (for secondary school category)
  9. Certificate of Birth (for secondary school category)
  10. Identification certificate signed by ward councilor or Community Development Organization (for secondary school category)
  11. Letter of Identification from Local Council Chairman (for university category)

Application Process and Selection Procedure

  1. The scholarship is to be applied online by visiting the portal meant for the scholarship application on this link. http://www.scholarship.midwesternog.com. The only candidates that will be contacted are those who are shortlisted. The following information requirements are needed for the processing of the scholarship.
  2. Valid email address (which will be used to communicate with applicants.
  3. Phone number (for application status)
  4. Photograph Passport (that will be scanned and uploaded for applicants’ Identification

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