Mayville State University Acceptance Rate 2023

Mayville State University is a public-owned university located in Mayville, North Dakota. It was established in 1889 as the Mayville Normal School, and it has since then grown to offer different undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields. The university is a staunch member of the North Dakota University Education System and has student enrollment which stands at about 1,000 students.

Mayville State University offers academic courses in areas such as education, business, criminal justice, and natural science. The university also has a special program on teacher education and offers many programs for those looking to become teachers. It also offers online-based academic programs, that are specially designed to fit working professionals and other non-traditional students.

The university is notable for its small class arrangements and individualized attention from faculty members and lecturers which allows students to receive a personalized education that tailors according to students’ needs and this gives students a better chance to connect with their professors. Additionally, the university has a diverse student body and it actively encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs. 

Mayville State University’s Rate of Admission 

Mayville State University’s acceptance rate is 61% which makes it one of the most selective and competitive institutions. However, it is easy for students to be accepted if students meet all the requirements and are put in as early bird applicants; The University will most likely consider students that apply very very early. 

Mayville State University Admission Requirements 

Mayville State University requires the following documents from suitable candidates for admission.  A cumulative high school grade point of 2.0 and a student must complete core college requirements 

  1. An official high school transcript for undergraduate freshman and an official degree transcript for masters students 
  2. ACT or SAT of high grade 
  3. A completed immunization form.

Available Courses 


  •  English Education Minor
  •  English Minor
  •  English B.A.
  •  English Education B.S.Ed.


 Geography Minor

 Physical education and recreation

  •   Sport Coaching B.S.
  •   Coaching Minor
  •  Physical Education B.S.Ed.
  •  Physical Education Minor
  •  Physical Education B.S.Ed. Online


  •   Health Education Minor
  •  Health Education B.S.Ed.
  •  Allied Health
  •  Emergency Response Certificate Program

 Sport Management

  •  Sport Management Minor
  •  Sport Management B.S.

 Fitness and Wellness 

  •  Fitness and Wellness Minor
  •   Fitness and Wellness B.S.


History Education Minor

 Library Media and Information Science

  Library Media and Information Science Minor


  •   Mathematics Education Minor
  •   Mathematics Minor
  •  Mathematics B.S.
  •  Mathematics Education B.S.Ed.
  •  Mathematics B.S. Online
  •  Mathematics Education B.S.Ed. Online


  Music Minor


  •   Bachelor of Science (RN-to-BSN) Program
  •   Nursing (RN-to-BSN) B.S.
  •   Master of Science in Nursing Program
  •   Nursing Graduate Certificates

 Pre-Nursing (MASU) & LPN, ADN (LRSC)

  Pre-Nursing (MaSU) & LPN, ADN (LRSC)


  •  Criminal Justice Focus
  •   Library Program
  •  Pre-Law
  •   Pre-Engineering
  •  Pre-Engineering Chemical
  •  Pre-Engineering Biomedical
  •  Pre-Conservation ⁄ Wildlife Biologist ⁄ Fisheries
  •  Pre-Athletic Training
  •  Pre-Physical Therapy
  •   Pre-Pharmacy
  •  Pre-Occupational Therapy
  •  Pre-Medicine
  •  Pre-Genetic Counseling
  •  Pre-Dental
  •  Pre-Clinical Exercise Physiology
  •  Pre-Chiropractic


  •  Applied Psychology B.A.
  •  Psychology Education Minor
  •  Psychology Minor

 Special Education

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education
  •  Special Education B.S. Ed. (Standalone Fast-Track Option)
  •   Special Education B.S.Ed. (Option for Currently Licensed Teachers)
  •  Special Education B.S.Ed. (Double-Major Option)
  •   M.Ed. Special Ed Track Plan of Study
  •  Graduate Certificate in Special Education
  •   Dual Credit Opportunities in Special Education


  •   Science for the Elementary Teacher Minor
  •   General Science Minor
  •   Physical Science Minor

 Social Science

  •   Social Science Education-Minor
  •  Social Science Minor
  •  Social Science Education B.S.Ed.
  •  Social Science B.A.


  Sociology Minor

 Teacher Education

  •   Elementary Education B.S.Ed.
  •  Elementary Education Off-campus B.S. Ed.
  •   Kindergarten Endorsement
  •  Online Digital Teaching Certificate
  •  Secondary Professional Education
  •   Special Education B.S.Ed.
  •   Special Needs Minor
  •   Undergraduate Certificate in Special Education

 University Studies

  •  University Studies B.U.S.
  •  University Studies A.A.
  •  Undergraduate Certificate in College Studies

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