Madonna University Tuition fees

Are you looking for a university in the United States of America to attend with tuition and other fees you can easily afford? I know you say yes, okay, sit back and relax while I introduce to you a faith-based institution with an affordable cost of attendance. Madonna University is one of the universities in the United States of America with tuition that is very affordable with quality assurance education.

Cost of Attending Madonna University

“If education is expensive, try ignorance which is more expensive” so says a wise man. Having an education is a good thing but having a quality one gives you an edge over your peers; it gives you a future full of high hope. But getting a quality education doesn’t come with no price; you will spend money to get it. The place to get this is no other than Madonna University.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend Madonna University?

Attending Madonna University doesn’t cost much compared to the quality education you will get attending it. Madonna University’s average cost 24, 900 dollars. This tuition has been a regular payment for the newly admitted undergraduate students of the university.

The tuition is reasonable and not as costly as Harvard and other universities in the United States of America. If a student can’t afford this tuition, the student can seek financial aid. A further breakdown of the cost of attendance will be given below.

Tuition Rate

Undergraduate Livonia Campus

  1. 1-11 credits $870/credit
  2. 12-18 credits $13,050/semester (credits 16-18 are free)
  3. 19 or more credits $13,050/semester plus $870/credit over 18
  4. Additional tuition for Nursing (NUR) courses – Livonia campus $125/credit
  5. Undergraduate Domestic Satellite and Online Campuses
    1-18 credits $500/credit
  6. Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) $1,011/credit for nursing courses; $870/credit for non-nursing courses
  7. Credit by Exam $325/credit; $25 service fee
  8. High School Dual Enrollment – Livonia Campus $230/credit
  9. High School Dual Enrollment – High School Campus $170/credit; Noncredit $485/hour
  10. Graduate (Master’s) $935/credit
  11. Graduate Nursing (Master’s) $1,015/credit
  12. Doctoral (DNP and Ed. D.) $1,020/credit
  13. English as a Second Language Program
    1000-, 2000-, & 3000-level courses $350/credit; 4000- & 5000-level courses $795/credit
  14. Non-credit ESL courses are $350/hour

Graduate School Fees

1. Copyright Fee (optional) $45
2. Doctoral Capstone Project Fee $40
3. Doctoral Capstone Project Fee (personal copy) $20
4. Graduate Writing Assessment Fee $50
5. Thesis Fee $165
6. Thesis Fee (personal copy) $40

Deferred Payment Plan

Payment Plan $25L

Late Fee $200

Late Enrollment

This is charged to students who attend class without enrolling

Check Returned Fee $25
TESTING FEES (i.e. TOEFL entrance and exit test) $25 per exam

Registrar’s Fess

Transcript – Online ordering $10
Transcript – Campus ordering $15
Transcript – Domestic Mailing (w/online order) $2.50
Transcript – International Mailing or Express $75
Transcription $50

Graduation Fees

Application for graduation: undergraduate and master’s $100
Application for doctoral graduation $125
Application for undergraduate or graduate certificates $10

Parking Fees

Residential Student, (annual) $200
Residential Student, Overflow (annual) $120
Commuter Student (annual) $80
Summer only $40

Annual Total

Undergraduate: $37,250
Graduate: $27,980

Financial Aids

Students have good advantages to access loans, grants, and scholarships to support their academic programs. These financial aids are sponsored by federal, state, regional, and individuals. The financial aid can be need-based or merit-based.
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