Madonna University Acceptance Rate 2023

Madonna University is one of the best higher institutions of learning in the United States of America. It’s one of the most competitive and selective institutions, but it’s one of the easiest institutions to the best students can easily gain admission. Every institution in the United States of America sets academic standards for the applicants.

Once the applicants meet these standards, the admissions to these institutions are very certain. So the same goes for Madonna University, it sets standards for its prospective admission seekers, once the candidates meet these requirements. The students don’t have to doubt the possibility of their selections.

 A Glance at Madonna University

Madonna University is a faith-based institution owned by Catholic Church and established by Mother Mary DeSales Tocka in the Felician Central Covent in Livonia. It was founded in 1937 to educate sisters at Coventry.

It started as only Catholic Sisters’ educational institution but adopted a universal training institute. Madonna University is notable for nursing education-it become a leader in nursing at the state, regional and national levels. It’s one of the largest Franciscan universities in the United States of America with both undergraduate and graduate running to three thousand.

 Why You Should Choose Madonna University?

Madonna University is a university that will fulfill the dreams of anyone with religious beliefs, and aside from this, you will acquire a quality education that will stand you out from your peers. It’s home to world-class academics that assist students at any time and there’s an opportunity to relate to anyone from any part of the world.

 Madonna University Admission Rate

Like every other university, Madonna University sets a standard that ensures its considered applicants are the best candidates that will do it proud that’s why it is selective. It’s strictly considered high-quality applicants for admission. Madonna University’s Acceptance rate is 57.9% and this makes it one of the most competitive institutions in the United States.

 Madonna University’s Admission Requirements

 Madonna University requires its prospective admission seekers to meet its minimum admission requirements. Applicants seeking admission at Madonna University must possess these requirements:

  • An officially signed high school transcript (final transcript after graduation with graduation date posted)
  •  An ACT score between 18 and 23 and an SAT score(s) between 850 and 1200
  •  AP, IB test of high score(s)
  •  Dual Enrollment/college transcript (for those that their courses require)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language

Programs Available at Madonna University

Madonna University offers the following courses:


  1. Animal Studies (BA)
  2. Art Education (BA)
  3. Art History (Minor)
  4. Broadcast and Cinema Arts (AA, BA, Minor)
  5. Business Spanish (Cert)
  6. Career Communication (Cert)
  7. Communication Studies (BA, Minor)
  8. Dance (BA, Minor)
  9. Dance Performance (BFA)
  10. English (BA)
  11. English Language and Literature (Minor)
  12. English/Journalism (Minor)
  13. Film Music Scoring (Cert)
  14. Fine Arts (BA, Minor)
  15. General Studies (BA)
  16. Graphic Design (BA Minor)
  17. Graphic Design for Fine Arts Majors (Minor)
  18. Journalism & Public Relations (BA, Minor)
  19. Literature (Minor)
  20. Music (BA, Minor)
  21. Music Education (BMus)
  22. Music Performance (BMus)
  23. Musical Theatre (Cert)
  24. Pastoral Ministry (MA)
  25. Philosophy (Minor)
  26. Piano Pedagogy (Cert)
  27. Post-Production for Film and Video (Cert)
  28. Professional and Technical Writing (Minor, Cert)
  29. Religious Studies (BA, Minor)
  30. Spanish (BA, Minor)
  31. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA)
  32. Visual Communication and Design (Cert)
  33. Writing (BA, Minor)
  34. Accountancy (MS)
  35. Accounting (BS, Minor)
  36. Business Administration (AS, BS, Minor)
  37. Business Administration (MBA)
  38. Business Leadership (MS)
  39. Entrepreneurship (Cert)
  40. Forensic Accounting (Cert)
  41. Health Services Administration (MS)
  42. Marketing (Minor)
  43. Non-Profit Leadership (Graduate Cert)
  44. Operations and Supply Chain Management (Graduate Cert)
  45. Sport Management (BS, Minor, Post-Degree Cert)
  46. Quality and Operations Leadership, Fundamentals of (Cert)
  47. Quality Management (Graduate Cert)
  48. American History and Government (Cert)
  49. Animal Cruelty Investigation (Cert)
  50. Animal Cruelty Investigation (Graduate Cert)
  51. Crime Scene Practice (Cert)LivoniaCriminal Justice (AS, BS, Minor)
  52. Criminal Justice Leadership (Graduate Cert)
  53. Criminal Justice Leadership and Intelligence (MS)
  54. Emergency Management (BS, Cert)
  55. Emergency Management Leadership (Post-Master’s Cert)
  56. Environmental Safety and Health Program (Cert)
  57. Financial Crimes Compliance (Graduate Cert)
  58. Fire Science (Cert, Minor)
  59. History (BA, Minor)
  60. Homeland Security (Cert)
  61. International Studies (Cert)
  62. Nurse Paralegal (Post-Degree Cert)
  63. Paralegal Studies (AS, BS, Post-Degree Cert)
  64. Political Science (BA, Minor)
  65. Private Investigation (Cert)
  66. Private Security (Cert)
  67. Spanish for Law Enforcement (Cert)
  68. World History (Cert)
  69. Autism Spectrum Disorders (MAT)
  70. Catholic School Leadership (MS)
  71. Children and Families (BS, Minor)
  72. Coaching (Cert)
  73. Comprehensive Elementary Education (BA)
  74. Early Childhood Education (for elementary teacher certification only) (BS)
  75. Early Childhood Education (MAT)
  76. Education (Elementary and Secondary) (BS)
  77. Educational Leadership (EdS)
  78. Educational Leadership (Ms) Effective Inclusionary Practices (Graduate Cert)
  79. Elementary Curriculum (Minor)
  80. Elementary Literacy (Graduate Cert)
  81. English Language Learners K-12, Instruction of (Cert)
  82. Essentials of Instruction (Cert)
  83. Exercise and Sport Science (BS, Minor)
  84. Family and Consumer Sciences (BS, Minor)
  85. Higher Education Administration (MA)
  86. History (BA, Minor)
  87. Infant-Toddler Caregiver (Cert)
  88. Language Arts (BA)
  89. Leadership and Innovation (EdD)
  90. Learning Disabilities (MAT)
  91. Literacy Education (MAT)
  92. Instruction (Graduate Cert)
  93. Physical Education and Health (BS)
  94. Professional Development Program for Practicing Education Professionals (Graduate Cert)
  95. Secondary Content Literacy (Graduate Cert)
  96. Social Studies (BA)
  97. Spanish for Teacher Certification (BA, Minor)
  98. Speech Communication (Minor)
  99. Sports Media and Communication (Minor)
  100. Teaching English Language Learners in the K-12 Classroom (Graduate Cert)
  101. Applied Forensic Science Research (Graduate Cert)
  102. Biochemistry (BS)
  103. Biology (BS, Minor)
  104. Biology for Forensic Science Majors (Minor)
  105. Biomedical Sciences (BS)LivoniaChemistry (BS, Minor)
  106. Chemistry for Forensic Science Majors (Minor)
  107. Computer Science (BS, Minor)
  108. Crime Laboratory Technician (Cert)
  109. Dietetics (BS)
  110. Dietetics for Biology Majors (Minor)
  111. DNA Analysis (Cert)
  112. Environmental Science (BS)
  113. Environmental Science for Biology Majors (Minor)
  114. Environmental Science for Chemistry Majors (Minor)
  115. Forensic Science (BS)
  116. Forensic Science (MS, Post-Degree Cert)
  117. General Science (BS)
  118. Integrated Science (BS)
  119. Mathematics (BS, Minor)
  120. Mathematics for Elementary Certification (BS, Minor)
  121. Natural Science (Minor)
  122. Nutrition (Minor)
  123. Nutrition and Dietetics (MS, Graduate Cert)
  124. Nutrition and Wellness (BS)
  125. Nutrition and Wellness (MS)
  126. Nutritional Sciences (BS)
  127. Occupational Safety and Health (Cert, Minor)
  128. Physics (Minor)
  129. Pre-Clinical Imaging Sciences (AS)
  130. Pre-Dentistry (Cert)
  131. Pre-Medicine (Cert)
  132. Pre-Optometry (Cert)
  133. Pre-Pharmacy (Cert)
  134. Pre-Physician Assistant (Cert)
  135. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
  136. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Post-Master’s Cert)
  137. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
  138. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (DNP)
  139. Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Family Nurse Practitioner (DNP)
  140. Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (MSN, Post-Master’s Cert)
  141. Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (DNP)
  142. Aging and Older Adults (Cert)
  143. APRN Gerontology (Post-Master’s Cert)
  144. Care Management for the Older Adult (Cert)
  145. Dementia Care (Cert)
  146. Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN, Post-Master’s Cert)
  147. Family Nurse Practitioner (DNP)
  148. Gerontology (BS, Minor)
  149. Population Health (BS)LivoniaHospice and Palliative Studies (Graduate Cert)
  150. Nurse / Health Educator (Graduate Cert)
  151. Nursing (BSN)
  152. Nursing (Accelerated BSN)
  153. Nursing Administration (MSN)
  154. Nursing Administration / Business Administration Dual Degree (MSN/MBA)
  155. Nursing Leadership (Graduate Cert)
  156. Nursing Practice (DNP)
  157. Public Health (MPH)
  158. RN to BSN (BSN)
  159. Program Planning (Cert)
  160. Advanced Research (limited to Psychology majors) (Cert)
  161. Aging Studies [see Gerontology (AS, BS, Cert)]
  162. Animal Studies (BA)
  163. Eldercare Practice (Cert)
  164. Forensic Psychology (Cert)
  165. Humane Leadership (MS)
  166. Independent and Assisted Living Leadership (Graduate Cert)
  167. Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Cert)
  168. Nursing Home Administration (Graduate Cert)
  169. Nursing Home Administration Pre-Licensure (Cert)
  170. Psychology (BS, Minor)
  171. Senior Living Administration (MS) Education (BA, Minor)
  172. American Sign Language (Minor)
  173. Deaf Community Studies (BA, Minor)
  174. Sign Language Interpreting Studies (BA)
  175. Addiction Studies (Cert)
  176. Addiction Studies (Graduate Cert)
  177. Community Leadership (Cert)
  178. Humane Studies (Minor)
  179. School Social Work (Graduate Cert)
  180. Social Work Administration (Graduate Cert)
  181. Social Work (BSW, Cert)
  182. Social Work (MSW)
  183. Sociology (BA, Minor)

The procedure of Madonna University Application

The applicants should apply online and supply the necessary details including surname, initial, and other name as well as required documents. Applicants are to apply here

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