Kaduna State Scholarship(KSSB) 2023

Kaduna State Scholarship Board is accepting applications from suitably qualified candidates. It is a scholarship scheme that gives opportunities to an array of students. The Board is saddled with the responsibilities of selecting qualified students to get loans and scholarships. The purpose of the scholarship is to improve the manpower capacity of the state to meet global best practices.

 Kaduna State Scholarship Board

Kaduna State Scholarship Board is an organization given a mandate by Kaduna State Government to facilitate scholarship presentation and loan consideration. The primary aim of the scholarship is to enable students to access quality education through government sponsorship. The KSSB has helped many Kaduna indigent students to access education.

About Kaduna State Scholarship

Kaduna State Scholarship is a scheme that assists students from low and middle-income families in accessing education. It is a scheme that has made life and education easier for students who are academically sound and intellectually endowed. Any interested applicants should take advantage of the scholarship to get themselves quality assurance education.

Category of Scholarship

The scholarship scheme is categorized into three:

  • Local
  • Foreign
  • Loans

The local scholarship is subcategorized into two: Merit-Based and Need-Based

Merit-Based is a scholarship scheme that considers the students who have good academic records. This category of scholarship allows only those who are exceptionally brilliant.

Requirements for Merit Based

  • Applicants should have at least 4.0 of 5.0 CPGA scale or 3.5 of 4.0
  • Applicants must have one or more semesters before graduation
  • Applicants must be with academic excellence
  • Applicants that are seeking admission or have started their first year must provide SSCE results with five Bs or As English and Mathematics inclusive.
  • Need-Based is a scholarship category that is given to the students based on immediate needs. It is awarded to the poor and the needy.

Requirements for this Category

Applicants seeking this category of the scholarship must provide the following documents

  1. Tax Identification Number
  2. Bank Verification Number
  3. CPGA of 2.0 of 5.0 scale or 1.6 of 4.0
  4. Any applicant can apply for this scholarship.

Foreign Scholarship Category

This scholarship scheme is divided into

  • Disability is a scholarship scheme meant for those with special abilities.
  • Emerging Skills Fund is a scholarship scheme meant for those who need instantaneous financial needs.
  • Sport Based is meant for those that have sporting talents.
  • Merit-Based
  • Need-Based

Undergraduate Requirements

  • SSCE with five Bs or As including English and Mathematics at a single sitting.
  • Applicants who have not gained admission can apply but applicants must have gotten admission before the scholarship is awarded.

Postgraduate Requirements

  • Applicants must have a first-class degree
  • Any candidate intending to pursue a Ph.D. should possess distinctions in their Master’s degrees and any candidates still pursuing master’s can apply but must have gotten their Master Certificates before scholarship awards.

Application Process

The application for the scholarship is online-based. Candidates should provide their details and upload the required documents if they want their applications to be considered.

Selection Procedure

Selection of scholarship recipients are based on merit. It is determined by the applicants’ academic profile and other considerations.

To apply you can check here https://kdsg-scholarship.com

For more Scholarship schemes to apply click on the link:  https://favourcyber.com/2021/12/01/gani-fawehinmi-scholarship-2022-apply/


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