Jamb Registration For 2022/2023 Sections: Date, Requirements, Problems, And Solution

Many prospective UTME candidates have been so eager to be aware of the date and requirements needed for 2022/2023 UTME. Well, your eagerness is as good as good news because you need to know about this before the commencement of the registration of the UTME so that you won’t keep wallowing in ignorance that’s so costly as ignorance kills faster than a bullet.

Below I will let you know the date, details, processes involved in registration, and the requirements you will need to successfully register for the examination. At the time of writing this article, JAMB has not released the date of the examination but it is good to guess that the Examination Body will most likely release the sale of form in January or February 2022.

Last year, a good number of applicants were unable to participate in the registration exercise of the examination because they lacked necessary information that would have saved them from making an expensive mistake that hindered them from getting registered that last year but they wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes in 2022/2023 UTME that’s why it is imperative to put them in the know about the necessary things to do which be given below.
Date for UTME 2022/2023.

The date for UTME registration has not to be communicated by Joint Admission Matriculation Board, the body saddled with responsibilities of conducting the examination, however, the registration and writing date will be possibly announced in January so applicants should expect registration and attempting date in January.

Problems Associated With Jamb Registration 2022 And Tips To Tackle It.

Knowing problems is one thing, identifying them is another thing and solving the problems is the most important thing. This tells the tale of problems known about 2022 UTME registration, and how to identify the problems and then proffer possible solutions to these identified problems.

Several problems caused registration hiccups to the last year’s UTME registration and the same problems have been identified as possible reoccurrence in 2022 UTME registration.
In this article, you will know about these problems as prospective registrants and how you could tackle them headlong. Below are the identified possible problems that might occur during the 2021 registration

1. NIN Linking

NIN Linking is one of the most terrible problems that might happen during 2022 UTME registration as it’s the stranglehold of 2021 UTME registration. This problem caused an incessant postponement of UTME. Although this problem is technical it can be averted by the candidates as stakeholders in JAMB affairs. The prospective candidates should ensure that they get registered and obtain their NIN from an authorized agent as many candidates weren’t able to register due to the bottleneck this anomaly caused during the last UTME. So to prevent this, candidates should make sure, they get their NIN before JAMB announces registration and attempting date. Once they get it, they should ensure the phone number they use for NIN registration is what they will use for registration not that you will use one phone number for NIN registration and another registration for UTME registration. If a situation like this happens that means candidates are intentionally and personally invited to registration trouble.

2. Getting An Accredited CBT Centre

This is another problem that might come up during 2022 UTME registration as some CBT Centres are not accredited while some are, but due to their malpractices, and corporate misbehavior, JAMB blacklisted them and stopped them from registering candidates but most of these black sheep centers are still running parallel registration which many candidates might fall victim of. I think candidates should look before they leap and try to visit the JAMB website for the list of available accredited centers and those blacklisted centers as JAMB does publish it on its website so that they won’t become victims of these abnormal sites.

3. Photograph Passport Uploading

This is another problem that might repeat itself while registering for 2022 UTME because this problem happened due to a technical situation on the JAMB portal during the last UTME registration. This mostly concerns JAMB through but students should try to ensure they are well-informed before they start their registration. Do not rush to the CBT Centres when JAMB releases the registration date because there will be crowded visitors to the JAMB registration portal. So candidates should be careful to avoid rush hour if they don’t want to get frustrated. This happened during the UTME registration which made many candidates pay twice for CBT Centre registration fees.

4. Wrong Selection of Combined Subjects for Course of Study.

This is another challenge that might be encountered during 2021 UTME registration. Some candidates are novices due to their first-timer effect so instead of selecting accurate subjects that will match their courses of studies, they will select irrelevant subjects that will have nothing to do with their courses. Candidates should try to intimate themselves with Jamb’s brochure that will give them sufficient information about the subjects that should be combined for their courses of studies.

Wrong Choice of Institution

Another problem that might occur in 2023 UTME registration is the wrong selection of institutional choice. This will happen to owe to candidates’ first-timer effect. Many candidates are newbies who will be registering for the first time. These candidates may not know which institution to choose as their first choice that’s why candidates need to be more informed about registration which can only be gotten on the Jamb portal. To know more about UTME registration, candidates need to be conversant with Jamb’s portal. Candidates should ensure that they read more about UTME registration on the JAMB portal to be enlightened more about JAMB affairs.


2022/2023 UTME Registration Requirements/ Procedure

Candidates who want to register for UTME must possess the following requirements.

1. Surname

The candidates who want to write UTME will provide their families’ names while registering for UTME.

2. First name

Candidates registering for UTME must present their given names

3. Middle Name

Candidates who are registering for UTME should provide a third name(this is optional though)

4. Address Requirement

  • Candidates’ home addresses are required for UTME registration.State of Origin
  • Candidates registering for UTME should present the state where they reside

5. Country of Residence

Candidates should provide a country where they stay

6. Town Requirements

The candidates should present their home towns.

7. Date of Birth

Candidates must provide their birth dates for successful registration

8. Age Bracket

Applicants who intend to register for UTME must have a minimum age of 15 and above

9. Citizenship Eligibility

The candidates applying for UTME must be Nigerian citizens or registered Nigerian residents who have a National Identity Number which the candidates will use in the course of registration.

10. Choice of School

Applicants must provide the institutional choice while registering. From most preferred institution either university, polytechnic, monotechnics or college of education. The institutions to be provided are four.

11. Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSCE)

The candidates are to provide Senior Secondary Certificate Examination or provide awaiting in case of those who are still expecting their results or those who are still waiting to write.

12. Area of Specialization

The candidates should select their areas of academic interest

13. Combination of Subjects

Applicants must provide three subjects that their course of study required and one optional subject.

14. Chosen Course Requirement

The candidates planning to write UTME should provide a choice of course by selecting those courses they intend to study from most preferred to not so preferred.

15. Centre of Examination

Candidates must provide the center that best suits them. They should select the state and then the closest area to their place.

16. Jamb ePin

The candidates planning to register for 2021/2023 UTME must purchase an ePin that will facilitate the success of their registration.

17. A Valid Email Address

Any candidates registering for forthcoming UTME must provide electronic mail for communication with the exam body.

18. Regular Phone Number

Candidates must provide a phone number that will serve as an important means in the course of registration.

19. A Passport Photograph

Applicants for UTME must provide photograph passports that authenticate their identities.

20. Jamb Profile Creation

Applicants require to create a profile on Jame facility (portal)

Process of UTME Registration

The process of registering UTME is as simple as ABC. Applicants just need to follow these processes.

  1. Sending of NIN to 55019 for profile creation.
  2. Creation of UTME applicant’s profile
  3. Purchasing of ePin from designated vendors.
  4. Completion of registration form online
  5. Visitation to approved Computer Based Test Centre for integrated registration.

Note: Jamb candidates have been warned to avoid using one particular SIM card for double registration, that is, if a candidate registered jamb last year with a particular phone number but due to an unforeseen circumstance, he/she was not able to secure admission, now that particular candidates wants to secure another jamb form this year, he/she is advised to get a different phone number that hasn’t been used in jamb registration before.


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