IVC Scholarship 2023

Are you thinking of furthering your education but there’s no money to finance it? Do you have the academic ability to gain an international scholarship? Do you want to access quality education without paying for it? You can take advantage of International Vocational Centre. International Vocational Centre is now accepting suitably qualified candidates for its 2023 scholarship application. The scheme is a way to get you onboard for academic excellence which you won’t want to miss out on. Give it a chance, move your world with your hands and brains. And take your destiny in your hands and let the future support your generation.

About International Vocational Centre

International Vocational Centre is a global non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Nigeria. The organization is a certified member (US-Duns). The organization is primarily aiming at promoting educational activities, scholarship awards, extensive research, human capital development, entrepreneurship training, and social empowerment projects. The organization has over 30 non-governmental organizations across the world. The organization is channeling towards academic milestones and excellence in academic projection. The organization assists brilliant students with a poor financial background and those who come from middle-income families whose families cannot afford to train them.

About International Vocational Centre Scholarship

IVC scholarship is a scheme awarded to the less privileged and those who have pursued their education but couldn’t afford to continue due to financial constraints. It is a fully funded, partly funded, and vocational and training funded scholarship scheme. The scholarship values exceptional brilliant students and doesn’t those who are academically talented to waste away with their academic prowess so it wants to make sure these people are given world-class education for a greater and greener future. It is aimed at building capacity for human resources development. The scheme has given many students a second chance to pursue their dream courses in the institutions of their choice.

Financial Coverage of the Scholarship

The scholarship is of different financial categories such as;

Tuition fees (which covers the duration of the course of the students)
Course Materials allowance (covers textbooks and other educational materials students will need in their course of study). The scholarship scheme also covers other materials in the course of study of the students such as feeding allowance among others)

Why give this scholarship a chance?

The International Vocational Centre is a scheme that will help you become a successful person and will become of integrity. This scholarship will help you to gain academic excellence and world-class education through free education that will be paid for by International Vocational Centre. It will help make your family a great future that will be envied by your peers and you will become best among your age mate. Let this scholarship scheme give you a high advantage over your future and make you a different person.

Category of the Scholarship

There are different categories of scholarship as will be mentioned below.

1. Fully Financed Category: It is a fully-funded category that will give the recipients’ education to be fully paid and other education remuneration will be also covered such as accommodation, feeding, and opportunity to professional and vocational training which will add to your academic profile.
2. Partial Financed Category: This is a partly paid scholarship in which the organization will only pay part while the beneficiaries will offset the balance. This category allows candidates who can fully finance their education or those who have got halfway but could not continue financing their education. This is the best alternative financial module. This category is another mode for education financing for many whose parents have money but due to certain situations, they cannot pay at a good time.
3. Vocational Training and Established Scholarship: This is a category in which free training is given to the candidates and be assisted with little start-up capital. as this can be applied for by anyone as it is an alternative education to promote employment opportunities.
Another included benefit is free accommodation. This category is to raise social dignity among the classes in the society as anyone can apply, either educated or non-educated people.

Scholarship Eligibility

For any candidate to be eligible, applicants must have these.

  • Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria or those who are residents in Nigeria.
  • Applicants who are physically challenged and those who have lost parents and have special skills.
  • Applicants should be ten years or above and have no maximum age.
  • Applicants must have excellent academic records

Required Documents

The scholarship demands applicants to have these documents. And it will be given in a category.

  • High School Category

The students applying for the scholarship should have these documents.

  1. Secondary School Entrance Examination
  2. School leavers with primary leaving certificate
  3. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.
  • Colleges of Education Category


  1. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination such as National Examination Council Certificate, West Africa Examination Council Certificate, NABTEB.
  2. Semester Result Slip,
  3. School Identification Card,
  4. Admission Letter.
  • Polytechnic Category


  1. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (NECO, WAEC, or NABTEB)
  2. Semester Result
  3. School Identification Card
  4. Admission Letter
  • Undergraduate Category


  1. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination such as WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, and equivalent certificate
  2. Semester Result
  3. School Identification Card
  4. Admission Letter
  • Master Category


  1. The transcript is officially signed and stamped.
  2. Bachelor’s Certificate
  3. Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.

Application Process

The process of application is both online and offline.
Applicants can apply with their details online or visit any of the organization’s branches or contacts’ numbers.
Applicants can apply with these details;

  • Fill out their applications’ online or get a hard copy form by visiting any of the branches
  • Candidates should get an acknowledgment slip and carefully follow up instructions there.
  • Candidates should visit any of the offices with documents that are required from applicants.
  • Candidates should get their scholarship Exam Card
  • Candidates should then write the scholarship exam
  • Candidates should then bill in for scholarship interviews and successful applicants will be awarded a scholarship benefit certificate.

Selection Procedure

The selection of candidates is based on academic records, financial situation, social background, and examination evaluation of the candidates.



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