Nursing Scholarship In USA 2023

Applying for scholarships in United States of America by the citizens of Nigeria or other African countries has been seen as an impossible mission because many Nigerians and others from other African countries have tried to apply for one scholarship or another, but all to no avail.

African nursing students and nurses have been trying to know how to apply for scholarship in foreign schools, especially, in United States of America, USA where their professional careers will be highly valued and appreciated both financially and humanely.

Studying nursing is most profitable venture one can get involved in. Apart from taking care of lives that makes you to be seen as a Godsent human being who makes lives more meaningful for others and of course you will be making more money than you can imagine for taking care of other people. Nursing is an honorable course that commands respect in all ramifications. But getting it is somewhat expensive, that’s why some scholarships are specifically available for it in the USA.

How to Apply for Nursing Scholarship, eligibility and their Requirements.

To apply for nursing scholarship. You need to be eligible and meet the requirements as stipulated in United States Medical Charter. You need to make your documents perfect and have all the necessary requirements ready.
To assist international nursing students pay their tuition fees, a number of colleges, private organizations and professional associations have decided to offer financial help. There are a lot of opportunities in the USA for aspiring students from working, grants and scholarships.

Eligibility for Nursing Scholarship

  • All undergraduates must possess required high school certificate or graduate certificate.
  • All students must hold student visa.
  • All the applicants must be accepting into undergraduate or postgraduate course.
  • Applicants must have applied into accredited program.
  • Applicants must hold valid international passport.
  • Applicants must have good academic records.
  • Applicants must have served as a nursing volunteer or interested in nursing course.
  • Some Nursing Scholarships in the USA, their applications’ processes and Selection Procedure.

American Red Cross Society Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship Scheme.

The scholarship scheme opens to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. This is open to Red Cross volunteers or workers of USA unit who have contributed to Red Cross services in the USA.

Requirements of Application

Applicants for this scheme must have excelled academically in a volunteering nursing program which must be equivalent of one year college credits.
Applicants must have served at least one time in five years in Red Cross.

Scholarship Financial Coverage

This scholarship scheme covers tuition fees, books and other academic incidences. The scholarship financial award is $3000.

Process of Application

To apply for this scholarship, applicants must go online to fill application form on the Red Cross website, draft two-part essay. One part to describe relevant experiences while working with Red Cross and the second part to explain the reason for choosing nursing as a course of study. Apply here

Association of perioperative Registered Nurses Foundation How to apply for Nursing scholarship in USA Scholarships

This scholarship is open to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students intending to choose perioperative nursing as a course of study.

Application Requirements

Applicants must show interest in pursuing course on perioperative nursing and be ready to continue their careers in the field.
Applicants must have a CGPA 3.0 or more. The consideration will be given to those who have higher CPGA.

Application Process

Process of application is tentative as follow: Applicants should apply on the website of the organization.
Write an essay and explain your interest and experience in the field of perioperative and surgical nursing. You can read further here

Dar Caroline E Holt Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship scheme is meant for nursing students who are currently running nursing course in a recognised university but need financial assistance.

Application Requirements

Any applicants for this scheme must evidence of financial needs and provide the letter of admission into nursing program or alternatively, academic transcript.

Application Process

The applicants must complete the application form online accompanied by a financial assistant form.

Financial Coverage of the Scholarship

The financial aid of the scholarship scheme is one-off payment of $2500. Apply here or read further about the scholarship scheme here

Cascade Healthcare Nurses Make A Difference Scholarship

The scholarship scheme is open to students who are currently studying nursing course at an accredited college or university or high school/secondary school students who have been admitted into university to study nursing.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be legally resident in USA or hold US student visa.
  • Applicants must be of minimum of 18 years old.
  • Applicants that are already in school must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Financial award for this scholarship is $1000.

Application Process

The application is strictly online . Applicants should apply online on the website of the association. Applicants must write and submit an essay on the reason for the scholarship and nursing. You can read more about the scholarship scheme here

Travel Nurse Source Future U.S Nurse Scholarship

This scholarship opens to first year undergraduate student, who has completed one semester in the US university.

Application Requirements

Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years.
Applicants must be legal US resident.
Applicants must have at lest 2.5 cumulative grade point adjustment or higher.

Application Process

The process of applying for this scholarship is completely online. Applicants should complete online form. Submit a 30-second video. The video must explain why the applicants want to become nurses and the importance of scholarship award on their academic journey.

The Financial Coverage For The Scholarship

The scholarship scheme is a one-off award of $2000 which is to be paid directly to the account of the institutions where the applicants are pursuing their nursing course.

For further explanation on this scholarship you can visit here

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

This scholarship is open undergraduate and postgraduate students attending a government approved college, university or vocational-technical school, where they are pursuing a course that will lead to taking care of patients.

Application Requirements

The requirements for this scholarship are as follow

  1. All applicants must reside in US or Puerto Rico.
  2. Applicants must have at least a year to finish their education.
  3. Undergraduate candidates must have studied for a year in reputable institution.
  4. Graduate students should provide evidence of enrollment.

Selection Procedure

Selection is based on the evaluation of applicants’ GPA, academic records, volunteer services, community development contribution and an essay on the reason why you want to get involved in nursing field.

Application Process

Applicants should upload the required documents and fill the application form on the this link

Scholarship Financial Coverage

The scholarship scheme is granted between $5000 to $10000 to cover tuition fees, books, supplies and other necessary things.








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