How A Widow Made 7 figures Cleaning jobs in Canada

Canada Cleaning Jobs with Visa Sponsorship
Canada Cleaning Jobs with Visa Sponsorship-

Canada Cleaning Jobs with Visa Sponsorship– Do you know that cleaning jobs/housekeeping jobs in Canada is one of the most lucrative jobs for immigrants in Canada? The salary you earn by being a cleaner can get you above 7 figures annually if you manage your resources properly.

A Cleaner, or Light Duty Cleaner, is someone who cleans and maintains an office space, hotel, resort, hospital, school, or private residence. Their duties include disinfecting all surfaces within a room, sweeping, emptying the trash, dusting, and replacing supplies. A Specialized Cleaner has special training to work with specific products, such as radioactive material.



What does a Cleaner do?


A Cleaner makes sure an office space or building is well-maintained and clean of any dust or dirt. A Cleaner also replenishes toiletries and supplies, such as paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper in the bathroom. Cleaners often adhere to a daily or weekly list of tasks specifically designed for a business.

There are different types of Cleaners, and the job can change based on industry or workspace. A Light Duty Cleaner dusts, sweeps, and empties the garbage, while a Specialized Cleaner performs industry-specific sanitation and maintenance. Cleaners who work in healthcare will have different job functions than a Cleaner who works in a hotel.

Cleaner Duties and Responsibilities

A Cleaner’s main responsibilities and duties in Canada will vary depending on the office and building. Routine inspections of certain areas help a Cleaner identify and address what needs cleaning. Important duties for the job and responsibilities needed to excel as a Cleaner include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surface areas, including bathrooms, common kitchens, desks, and conference rooms
  • Replacing toilet paper and hand towels
  • Dusting the surfaces within a room
  • Mopping and polishing floors
  • Picking up any trash and emptying the trash bins
  • Making beds, washing linens, and changing the linens
  • Cleaning and scrubbing windows
  • Responding to employee or guest requests

Cleaner Skills and Qualifications

Cleaners in Canada require specific skills and qualifications to ensure an area is neat and sanitary. A successful Cleaner candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed to perform the job. Here are some examples of skills and qualifications typically listed in a job description for a Cleaner:

  • Organizational skills to keep rooms and storage closets clean and organized
  • Communication skills to take direction and work alongside other Cleaners
  • Attention to detail to perform a thorough job
  • Adaptability and flexibility to focus on whatever task is most important at any given time
  • Ability to complete physically demanding tasks
  • Integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness to be left to work independently

Cleaner Experience Requirements

Entry-level Canada Cleaners usually don’t need any experience, though most employers prefer at least one year of experience. Larger companies or companies with specific cleaning needs usually look for candidates with two to four years of experience. Specialized Cleaners often need at least five years of experience in the industry.

Cleaner Education and Training Requirements

Although a high school diploma is preferred, job applicants with several years of experience and strong recommendations may be considered. Various organizations offer training programs for professional Cleaners with certification or completion awards. Industry-specific requirements may be necessary for some businesses, including healthcare.

Cleaner Salary Expectations

According to Indeed, the average salary for a Cleaner is  $16.00 per hour. The salary for a Cleaner may fluctuate depending on experience, location, and company.

Canada Cleaner Job FAQs

Do Cleaners have different responsibilities in different industries?

A Cleaner’s daily tasks can change broadly based on the industry. They work in various types of environments such as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and private residences.

In a hotel, a Cleaner is responsible for changing the bed linens, doing the laundry, scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming the floors, replenishing the toiletries, and dusting the rooms. In an office building, a Cleaner would be responsible for wiping all glass surfaces, cleaning desks, emptying the trash, and cleaning the bathrooms. In a private residence, a Cleaner could do all of the duties above in addition to cleaning the dishes and mopping the floors.

How can you make a Cleaner job description stand out?

A Cleaner can perform several different types of duties, so when hiring for the role, it is best to be as specified in the daily tasks as possible. Information about the building and office environment targets the appropriate type of job candidate. Letting the applicant know how many floors, bathrooms, rooms, or spaces they are responsible for will also help a job description stand out. Adding in the benefits of working at the company, such as product or service discounts, paid time off, or free parking can attract an experienced Cleaner.

Who does a Cleaner report to?

A Cleaner will generally report to the individual in charge of building maintenance. In some cases, a Cleaner could be employed by a property management company and clean the building and office spaces of different businesses. In a small company, the Cleaner may report to the owner of the company or an Office Manager.




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