Holland/Netherlands Scholarships For Non-EU/EEA Students 2023/2024

Netherlands/Holland Government Financed Scholarship For Non-EU-EEA

There are many scholarship opportunities for international students in the Netherlands/Holland which are financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These scholarships are meant to let the foreigners enjoy the serenity of the Dutch and education experience. This country is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries anyone likes to visit. Apart from this, the country is one of the most educated in the world so schooling here should be what everyone should drool over. Why not take advantage of free-tuition education in the world and see yourself on top of the world’s education.

A Brief Description of Holland/Netherlands

The Netherlands interchangeably as Holland is a beautiful country in Northwestern Europe, renowned for a flat and beautiful landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills, and routes for cycling. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, a holder of world-renowned archeological materials and world heritage sites such as Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and among others sites that are worth seeing when a person visits there.

About Holland/Netherlands Scholarships

Holland/Netherlands Scholarships for International students are meant to grant those who are academically sound and exceptionally brilliant who want to pursue their education in a diverse society so that they attain international status. Some of these are fully funded. You can begin your academic journey in the Netherlands with all tuition-paid education accessibility.

Although some of the courses are short time professional courses that will add an international line to your curriculum vitae and make you stand out among your age bracket. One of these scholarship schemes is the one I will give you below.

The Orange Knowledge Scholarship is a scholarship program funded by the Government of Netherlands for international students. This scholarship scheme offers free tuition fees, cost of living, visas, round-trip flight tickets, and health insurance.

The scholarship is newly introduced by the Government of the Netherlands. The primary aim of the scholarship is to enhance performance ability, promote growth and individual and organizational development in higher education and vocational training. It is also for the purpose of national development through manpower structure and information. The scheme is under Orange Knowledge Programme, the Netherlands Fellowship Programme, and is totally funded by the Netherlands Government.

Scholarship Arrangements

Conditions of Study

  1. Short Course (vocational training)
  2. Master’s programme
  3. Institution of Learning

All institutions in Netherlands are available for the courses depending on institutions the recipients are interested in studying.

Study Period

  • Short Courses (vocational training)-2weeks-12weeks
  • Master’s Programme-12 months to 24 months

Eligible Countries

Only the candidates from the following countries are permitted to apply for this scholarship.

  1. Niger
  2. Nigeria
  3. Palestinian Territories
  4. Rwanda
  5. Jordan
  6. Kenya
  7. Lebanon
  8. Liberia
  9. Mali
  10. Mozambique
  11.   Sudan
  12. Suriname
  13. Tanzania
  14. Tunisia
  15. Uganda
  16. Vietnam
  17. Yemen
  18. Zambia.
  19. Senegal
  20. Sierra Leone
  21. Somalia
  22. South Africa
  23. South Sudan
  24. Bangladesh
  25. Benin, Burkina Faso
  26. Burundi
  27. Colombia
  28. Congo (DRC)
  29. Egypt
  30. Ethiopia
  31. Ghana
  32. Guatemala
  33. Guinea
  34. Iraq

Candidates’ Eligibility

The candidates who are applied for this scholarship scheme must have these criteria.

  • The applicants should be able to speak English
  • The applicants must be citizens or work in one of the countries covered by Orange Knowledge Programme
  • Applicants who work for government’s agencies, ministries, NGO have added advantage
  • Applicants must be interested in social and human development
  • Candidates must be professional in their fields.
  • Candidates must be holders of valid Identity documents
  • Applicants must have been admitted into the programme of their choice in any of institutions they choose to apply

Required Documents

  1. First Degree Certificate/Result
  2. Valid Travelling Documents
  3. Professional Certificates
  4. Transcripts
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. English Proficiency Certificate

Application Process

Any candidate applying for this scholarship must first contact any of the participating institutions and apply for course of interest on their websites. You can ask your choice for scholarship guidance. Candidates can check here for participating institutions https://www.studyinholland.nl/dutch-education/studies?scholarship=Orange+Knowledge+Programma+%28OKP%29

Application Criteria

Applicants should not apply on this website instead they should apply with the institutions of their choice. For further information you can check here https://www.studyinholland.nl/finances/orange-knowledge-programme


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