Harrisburg University Of Science and Technology Tution Fees 2023

Are you looking for a cheaper university to study the course of your choice?
If so, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology should be your choice. It’s the cheapest privately owned university in Pennsylvania and one of the most affordable in the United States of America.

It’s generally known that privately owned institutions are primarily expensive but the case of Harrisburg University is different, instead of being expensive, it is very cheap to the extent that anyone can attend it no matter the social background.

Making Harrisburg University your choice university to study and earn your academic qualification will not only give you a quality education, but it will also give you the cheapest tuition that will not put your education career on the line. Now read further as I give you details of what will cost you to graduate from this cheap-tuition university successfully.

Cost of Attendance

The average cost of attending Harrisburg University is $23,880. Payment of Tuition at Harrisburg University is preferable to be made a week before the commencement of the semester; every student is expected to pay a week earlier before the beginning of the semester as tuition is charged per semester hour rate.

Full-tuition arrangements are based on 12-17 semester hours and any student that registers more than the maximum semester hours rate will pay additional costs. Below are the tuition charges.

For Undergraduate

Full-time students are to pay $11,959 on an average of 12-17 hours per semester. But if a student needs more than these hours, such a student will pay an additional $1000 for (1-11 hours) more.

The course registration at Harrisburg University is $100 which is nonrefundable and the total tuition for two semesters is $23,900

For Graduate

Graduates are to pay $830 per credit hour and the program fee $500 per semester and the total tuition and fees to be paid by graduates will be approximately $32,800 for 36-credit.

For Graduate International Students

Graduate International students’ tuition is $4,980 for six credits and the program fee is $500 and a non-refundable fee of a thousand will be paid for administrative charges.

Financial Aids and Loans

Harrisburg University makes provision for students to access financial assistance, and every first-year student is automatically qualified to access an average of $12,000 funded scholarships.

There are financial aids such as need-based aids and loans that all students can access for their academic smoothness. Financial Aids are forms of assistance which may be federal grants, state grants, and local grants and which may base on merit or need:

they are those financial assistances that certain types of students need; these may be work-study or any other aids that require students to earn money in the course of their academic journey, and loans are those financial assistances which students will pay back at a particular time.

All these aids are awarded based on merit and situations of things for the students. They are all arranged so that the students can have the means to pay their tuition and fees.
Harrisburg University’s students can access over $12,000-$20000 in merit-based and need-based self-help, students can access $3,320 and these aids can be accessed by 82% of Harrisburg University’s students.

For more info check here https://www.harrisburgu.edu/news/hu-announces-2022-2023-tuition-rates/

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