Global Student Contest Scholarship 2023: Apply instant

Have you been thinking about international scholarship opportunities in 2023 but you don’t know how to go about it? If this is the case, your best plug to this is the Global Student Contest Scholarship 2023. If you want to know more about it, then you should stay on track till the end of this article. This article will give you what Global Student Contest Scholarship is, how you can be eligible, requirements you need to get to be successfully selected for the program, selection procedure, financial coverage of the scholarship, and other necessary information you must know. Global Student Contest Scholarship will give you want you have been dreaming about education.

About Global Student Contest Scholarship

Global Student Contest Scholarship is a scheme aimed at providing financial assistance and mentorship to exceptional students who have been found worthy. The scholarship is awarded to the students who exhibit high academic standards and good essay writing that serves as one of the yardsticks for the selection of the applicants. Any applicants interested in the scholarship should ensure they meet prerequisites and another submission.

Scholarship Eligibility

Any candidates interested in the scholarship program must possess these criteria

  1. Applicants must have good academic grades such as 3.0 or above
  2. Applicants may be high school students intending to attend undergraduate courses in the next university year
  3. Applicants must be undergraduates currently running academic programs or graduate students intending to pursue a Masters program
  4. Applicants must have been accepted by one of the Institutions that host the scholarship scheme. It is meant for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. And high school students intend to finish their school with good grades before the commencement of the academic year in one of the participating institutions.

Required Documents

Applicants intending to apply for the scholarship scheme must have these documents

  • High School Diploma/Result/Transcript
  • University Transcript (for undergraduate and postgraduate students)
  • Letter of Acceptance (from Institutions candidates intending to attend)
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • International Travelling Documents

Financial Coverage of the Scholarship

The prices vary. Sometimes the first position is awarded $2000, the second position with $1500, and the third position with $1000. Other times, the applicants who came first will take with a scholarship worth $5000, the second position will take home $4000 and the third position with $2500

Application Process

Applying for this scholarship is online-based. The applicants should submit their applications on the designated portal which will be shared later in this article. The applicants will then upload their essays. Applicants will then upload the required documents that applicants have been instructed to provide. Applicants will then provide first and last name and then middle name where necessary school and education short essay of the applicants, those who pursue a master degree should provide theses, and they should describe themselves and present the reasons for intending to pursue courses abroad.

Selection of Procedure

The selection of candidates is merit-based. It’s based on academic records of the applicants, provision of weighty requirements, and well-written essays.
For further information about this scholarship scheme, you can check here

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