Fulbright Scholarship Program 2023: Apply

Fullbright Scholarship Program is an international scholarship scheme that gives financial grants to academically excelled and talented students around the world. It is one of the US international scholarships sponsored by the United States of America’s government. It’s known for the production of most of the best world scholars. Any applicants interested in a US scholarship should give this opportunity a short and you will be glad you do so far you possess all the requirements. This scholarship scheme is now on for application. This article will guide you on all you need to do for your application to be successful. It will guide you from what this scholarship is all about, the beneficiaries, application process, selection procedure, requirements among others.

About Fullbright Program

Fullbright Program is an international exchange program that serves as a bridge between the United States and foreign countries, especially countries where the United States has a business interest. It was established to improve intercultural relations, cultural diplomacy, and intercultural competence between America’s citizens and citizens of other countries via knowledge exchange, social interrelationship, and skill exchange. The program is very competitive as the highly competent people usually scale through in the course of selection. The program mostly considers excellence and competence during the exchange of students, scholars, teachers, professional scientists, and artists. The program allows selected people to exhibit their talents and show their extraordinary abilities in the academic field. It was founded by former United States Senator J. W. Fullbright which the program was named. It was established in 1964. Many people have benefited from this program.

About Fullbright Scholarship

Fullbright Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students sponsored by the Department of State of United States’ Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. The program is meant to foster and strengthen the relationship between United States citizens and other countries. The scholarships are presented to exceptional beneficiaries regardless of social class, gender, race, color, origin, physical appearance, economic status, sex among others.
The objective of the scholarship scheme is to give opportunities to people of the diverse spectrum to learn more about the United States and its people as well as have international exposure.

The scheme is awarded to those who are economically disadvantaged, those who consider as minorities, and politically underrepresented people. The scholarship has been given to many people across the world. The scholarship is existed in over 160 countries in the world. And countless extraordinary ability people have benefited from it. The Program has a good number of partnered institutions across the United States. The scholarship is meant for those who want to run Masters and Ph.D. Programs. The scholarship beneficiaries can pursue any course of study so far they are selected. It is a scholarship that gives opportunity to any students from any part of the world.

Considered Fullbright Scholarship Institutions

The Program is available in these participating institutions. And candidates will be allowed to choose the school of their choice to run their programs.

  1. Associate and Baccalaureate Institutions
  2. Skyline College
  3. Whittier College
  4. CUNY LaGuardia Community College
  5. Institutions for Masters Program
  6. University-Northridge
  7. CUNY Hunter College
  8. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  9. CUNY Lehman College
  10. CUNY Queens College
  11. Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan Campus
  12. California State University-Chico
  13. California State University-Dominguez Hills California State University-Fullerton
  14. California State University-Long Beach
  15. California State Mills College New Jersey City University
  16. Saint Edward’s University
  17. San Francisco State University San Jose State University Sonoma State University
  18. Institutions Designated for Doctorate DegreeUniversity of Arizona
  19. University of California-Irvine; University of California-Riverside
  20. University of California-Santa Barbara
  21. University of California-Santa Cruz
  22. University of Central Florida University of Houston University of Illinois at Chicago
  23. University of New Mexico-Main Campus
  24. CUNY City College
  25. CUNY Graduate School and University Center
  26. Florida International University Montclair State University Rutgers University-Newark
  27. San Diego State University Texas Tech University


Scholarship Eligibility

  • The scholarship scheme considers people from a disadvantaged spectrum of society.
  • Applicants must be able to speak English proficiently
  • Applicants must come from disadvantaged social background
  • Applicants must come from one of 160 countries considered for the program
  • Applicants must be ready to live in the United States for the period of their program.

Required Documents

Requirements depend on the status of a country under the Fullbright Program as every country has a tailored program that meets the status of participating countries. However, there are general requirements which will be stated below:

  1. University Transcript ( your academic transcript must be duly signed and stamped by your institution authority)
  2. Two Essays (your essays must be well composed and be able to fulfill the purpose of your application; the reason you need the scholarship; it must bear witness to the need of your scholarship application)
  3. Academic Records ( these include your certificate, professional certifications, and other academic papers that will boost your points)
  4. International Travelling Documents
    Recommendation Letters ( this must come from those who know you better. It may be your lecturers, your former secondary school teacher, your boss)
  5. Letters of Intent
  6. GRE General Test and TOEFL
  7. Academic Resume ( your resume must be up-to-date that will include your past and present experience; the new professional courses you just added to your Curriculum Vitae)

Fullbright Financial Coverage

The scholarship scheme covers all expenses students need to complete their courses of study. It is a fully-funded scholarship. The scholarship covers the following expenses.

  • Tuition Fees ( for the duration of course of study of students)
  • Living allowances
  • Payment of flight ticket
  • Health insurance

Application Process

Application for Fullbright Program is to be processed online by supplying your details(your family name, your own given name and third name (though this is optional you must provide your name the way it is in all your official documents), email address(for communication about the status of your application), your house address(the place where you stay) among other things. After completion and submission of the online application. Then candidates will be invited for an interview at the US embassy.

Selection Procedure

Selection for the recipients is based on merit. This depends on academic records, logicality of essays, composure during the interviews among other criteria. For the application process, you can check here https://foreign.fulbrightonline.org



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