FSB Scholarship 2023

Are you ready for a Federal Government scholarship? Have you tried on many occasions to apply for Federal Scholarship Board Scheme? You have been home since you left secondary or university and you have been looking for means of furthering your education, don’t go too far, Federal Scholarship Board is now accepting suitably qualified students for its 2023 scholarship scheme.

The scheme will allow Nigerian citizens who are pursuing any course at any level to access education at no cost. The scholarship scheme is one of the ways the Nigerian Government is relieving its citizens of financial burdens so that they can access quality education to make it useful for their nation. The scheme has given many citizens who never think they can access education to get themselves educated and those who intend to further their education move it on. The Federal Government employs scholarships to enable Nigerian citizens to contribute to global development and national growth.

About Federal Scholarship Board

Federal Scholarship Board is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Education. It’s led by a director, who doubles as the secretary of the board. It is saddled with the responsibilities of awarding a scholarship to the students who have made in their academic careers. The Board is aimed at monitoring and supervising activities of the Federal Government scholarship and other splinter scholarship that demands the oversight function of the government. It is also assisted the state government scholarship board to implement scholarship policies. The board also collects, collates and analyzes, publishes, and disseminates data information about the available scholarships.

About Federal Government Board Scholarship

Federal Government Board Scholarship is a scheme that empowers Nigerian citizens and residents to pursue their education with no cost so as improve the human, material resources, and manpower development of the country. A scheme is a yearly event organized by the Federal Ministry of Education under the Department of Scholarship. The Board divided its scholarship into two:

1. Nigerian Version and
2. Foreign Version tagged Bilateral Education Agreement

Nigerian Version is a variety of FBS scholarship which is financed by the Nigeria Government. This version is meant to be paid for by Federal Government through the Ministry of Education.

Foreign Version is a form of scholarship paid for by the countries that have education bilateral agreement with the Nigeria Government. This variety of scholarship is funded by the countries that have education relationships with Nigeria.

Foreign Version; Countries that have an education relationship with Nigeria
The following countries have education agreements with Nigeria. These countries sponsor both undergraduate and postgraduate Nigerian students.

  1. Russia
  2. Morocco
  3. Algeria
  4. Serbia
  5. Hungary
  6. Egypt
  7. Tunisia
  8. Turkey
  9. Cuba
  10. Romania
  11. Ukraine
  12. Japan
  13. Macedonia
  14. China
  15. Hungary
  16. Serbia
  17. Turkey
  18. Japan
  19. Mexico
  20. South Korea

Why give this scholarship a shot?

Federal Government Board Scholarship is a scheme that you won’t want to miss for the fact that it is meant to make you a better person with tuition-free education but quality education. The scholarship will allow you to become a person of integrity and internationally recognized if you get the foreign opportunity of the FBS scholarship. Apart from the reason above, the scholarship will also make you quickly get employed because you will be seen as a special candidate for any job you apply to.

The scholarship scheme will also find a way for you to connect with many people both in Nigeria and abroad. The program allows you to choose between the local version and the international version. You can choose to run your program in Nigeria or in any of the countries that have bilateral relationships and agreements with Nigeria.

Scholarship Eligibility

If any candidate is to be qualified for any of the scholarship versions, the candidate must fulfill the following criteria.

  1. Applicant must be a Nigerian or resident of Nigeria
  2. Applicants must be either undergraduate or postgraduate students of Nigerian origin
  3. Applicants who are undergraduate students must have at least five As or Bs passes in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination which should include Mathematics and English and three other subjects which relate to the courses they intend to study.
  4. Applicants must be at least 18 years (for undergraduate students)
  5. Postgraduate applicants must possess first class in their first degree or be a holder of second class upper division
  6. All postgraduate applicants must have completed their compulsory one-year NYSC service or have a certificate of exception or exclusion.
  7. Postgraduate applicants must be at least 35 years while Ph.D. applicants should be at least 40 years old
  8. Undergraduate applicants must be full-time students
  9. All applicants must have impressive CPGA.

Available Courses

The following courses are available for the foreign version scholarship. You need to be ready to study any of these mentioned courses to be selected for the scholarship, although these courses are not the only available courses, you can check more for the remaining available courses on the link that will be shared later.

Engineering, Geology, Agriculture
Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, Environmental Sciences
Sports, Law, Social Sciences, Biotechnology, Architecture, Medicine

Required Documents

Applicants seeking this scholarship must have the following documents.

  1. Signed and stamped institution transcripts
  2. Education Certificate (SSCE, bachelor, master, Ph.D., National Certificate on Education, Polytechnic Diploma, etc)
  3. Semester Result
  4. School Identification Card
  5. Recommendation Letter
  6. Letter of Reference
  7. State of Origin or Local Government Identification Document
  8. NYSC Certificate/Exception/Exclusion Letter
  9. Letter of Admission
  10. Two passport photographs
  11. Course Registration Form

Application Process

Any applicants applying for the scholarship should be conscious and follow the necessary steps on the website designated for the scholarship. Below are the application process
Candidates should supply their full names, email addresses, residence addresses, and attach and upload all the required documents mentioned above.

Selection Procedure

The selection of candidates is based on academic records and interviews at designated areas
Designated Areas for Interviews

  • Zonal Area-South- South
    Designated State- Delta – River
  • Designated Areas- Asaba-P/Harcourt
    Zonal Area- South- West
  • Designated States- Oyo – Ondo
  • Designated Area-Ibadan – Akure
  • Designated State- Abia – Imo
  • Designated Area- Umuahia – Owerri
    Zonal Area- North – West
  • Designated State- Kaduna – Kano
  • Designated Area- Kaduna – Kano
    Zonal Area- North- East
  • Designated State: Adamawa – Taraba
  • Designated Area-Yola – Jalingo
    Zonal Area- North-Central
  • Designated State- FCT – Kwara
  • Designated Area- Bwari – Ilorin

For further details, you can check here http://fsbn.com.ng/scholarships

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