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It is also known as “Wipeout”, made for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. It is a mini-game and platform which supports two to four players. It is created by Activision and has the modes of single-player and multiplayer. This video game supports the player’s move around an environment with a series of action-based moves like climbing, ducking, jumping, running, swinging on different obstacles, etc embedded in the game.

It is a genre that focuses on competition and action between characters in the setting environment. Players must navigate around snow, ice, foam, and fan-favorite obstacles like the Sucker Punch Wall and Big Balls; which are making their triumphant returns alongside more than 50 others”.


In the game, players prove that they have what it takes to make it to the grand finale “Wipeout Zone” for their chance to be proclaimed champion. Four players can compete at the same time, even allowing them to hurl objects at and taunt their opponents. The video game features everything that people love about the hit ABC show, including commentary from the show’s hosts, John Anderson, John Henson, and co-host Jill Wagner. Players have to run, jump and dodge all of Wipeout’s various obstacles, including the brutal Sucker Punch, the beloved Big Balls, and the insanely difficult Sweeper.

In the Game, players run, jump, and climb on different obstacle courses ever created. Players will use speed, balance, and perfect timing to climb past the “Sucker Punch”, run over the “Big Balls” and perform spectacular wipeouts. Prove you have what it takes to make it through to the grand finale “Wipeout Zone,” score the fastest time, and earn the most Wipeout Points for your chance to be the champion.


This video game is categorized into four different parts and twenty-three different characters. There are four sections of different characters and of different attributes being designed with them, with each section having different characters and each character having different superb “strength” and “speed” for the player which varies as a result of the character’s body size.

Sections of Characters are:

Small Characters: Runaway Groom, Super Zero, The Silver Wolf, Valley Girl, Mad Cowgirl, and Glass Slipper. Note: the “Small” characters are of great speed and little strength.

Medium Characters: Most Likely to Succeed, Grasshopper, Whatever Dude, Knockout, Space Cadet, and Flashdancer. Note: The “Medium” characters have a more balanced amount of Speed and Strength, with neither one serving as the dominant trait.

Large Characters: Cannonball, Chef Mutton Chop, The Human Carpet, Party Queen, Virginia Wolfshirt, and Tattoo Practice. Note: The “Large” characters have great Strength but little Speed. These first three categories all have 6 different characters each; 3 females and 3 males, and each character

Special Characters: John Anderson, John Henson, Jill Wagner, Black and Blue 1, and Black and Blue Note: The “Special,” has a high amount of Speed and Strength. There are 5 characters in this category, including the three hosts.

The game is played in two different modes:

Challenge Mode: Challenge mode is where the player can challenge specific obstacles and attempt to beat them in a certain amount of it. Challenging Mode has sections which are :

1. Catapult.

2. Barrel Run (two ramps).

3. Gears of Doom (4 gears).

4. Scary-Go-Round (with Wrecking Balls).

5. Gauntlet (more blades).

6. Launch Pads (more pads).

Play The Show: This means playing the game as they would in the show. They go through the Qualifier round first, and advance to the Sweeper round second. The third round, Free For All, has 3 different versions. Play the show mode:

1. Catapult.

2. Barrel Run (three ramps).

3. Gears of Doom (six gears).

4. Scary-Go-Round (two stacked up).

5. Gauntlet (more blades and pistons).

6. Launch Pads (pads are moving).

Wipeout – The Game ROM Download

You can Download Wipeout –

The Game ROM can be downloaded from for Nintendo DS. This game has a genre. The Game ISO file is available in the USA version. Wipeout – The Game is a Nintendo DS emulator game you can download to have fun with friends.


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