Download Twisted Metal Black PS2 ISO

Twisted Metal Black is a famous vehicular combat game that was launched for the PlayStation 2 console in 2001. It was designed and developed by Incognito Entertainment and immediately gained a committed fan base for its unique game tricks, dark atmosphere, and unique characters. The game takes game geeks into a post-apocalyptic and special universe where they engage in brutal vehicular battles to emerge victorious.

The game is ideal in many instances for its real-life and authentic game sphere. It’s a great game for game geeks, if you are a gamer, and haven’t played, that means, there are still more miles ahead of you. It is an ISO File game, and ISO means a disc image that contains all the data from a game or software. In the case of Twisted Metal Black, a PS2 ISO file would contain a digital copy of the game that can be used with PlayStation 2 emulators or burned onto a compact disc to be played on the console. It is a game for the PlayStation 2.



In the game, Twisted Metal Black, the game players are caught in the fire of a dangerous vehicular combat competition. The game has a variety of beautiful characters, each character with his/her vested interests, motivations, and desires.

The storyline revolves around a daredevil and dangerous and malevolent figure called Calypso, who is the master gamer behind the Twisted Metal contest. Calypso gives the competitors a chance to make their wishes realize if they claim victory. Nonetheless, the expensive cost of these desires often results in a catastrophic end and high price.

As you progress in the game, you take the roles of different daredevil drivers, each with his vehicle, and armory of destructive weapons. Each of the drivers you play his role has his vendettas and wicked reasons for participating in the game, this makes the battlefields more destructive and each driver campaigns fiercely against another in a quest to take the day.

As your level increases, the game becomes more competitive and catastrophic, this causes the dark side and tragic stories of the characters to come to the fore as each dwelling on his pasts and reveals the depths of his inordinate ambitions. From a frustrated law enforcement officer planning to retaliate, to a mindless clown consumed by insanity, the drivers’ stories are entangled in a mesh of chaos and despair.

As the level progresses, the battles become more intense and calamitous and the stake prices are higher. The drivers must cross through difficult arenas and they must avoid dangerous obstacles and enemy attacks. As the tournament grows the battles become more intense, causing brutal confrontations and malicious showdowns.

Consequently, the real essence of Calypso’s power and his ulterior motive is exposed, making the competitors question their interests and face the results of their oddest decisions. The game rumbles in a climactic final grand where the last survivor has no choice but to face off against scheme master, Calypso himself, fighting for not only his own decision but also to redeem his tormented soul.


The player will select a character with a desired vehicle and special abilities. Work through large arenas, using the analog stick to move and face buttons to speed up, brake, and release weapons. Get in an intense vehicular battle, using a combination of ranged attacks and close-quarters harming opponents. Use power-ups to aim your opponents and destroy them tactically.

Lastly, in the game, every character has a special weapon and quantifiable ability to use to their advantage to add color to the game. Moving through the single-player campaign, destroying opponents to get new and distinctive characters and arenas. You can also enjoy split-screen multiplayer with game mates or engage in online battles for additional excitement. Download the game here

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