Download Space Invaders Extreme DS ROM

Space Invaders Extreme DS ROM is a redeveloped and redesigned version of the iconic 1978 arcade game, Space Invaders. It was designed and developed by Taito Corporation. It provides a beautiful blend of nostalgia and modern gameplay. Do you find it more charming? Oh yeah, this article will furnish you with its plots, and gameplay techniques, and offer you a detailed guide on how to play.


Space Invaders Extreme DS ROM consistently maintains its original plot. You can take a laser cannon at the bottom of the screen. Your task is to defend the Earth from waves of disgruntled alien elements. The major objective is to neutralize all the invaders before they get to the bottom of the screen or successfully shoot your cannon.


Though the core methods remain unchanged from the original game, Space Invaders Extreme DS ROM introduces several creative and innovative gameplay elements. The game has beautiful visuals, pulsating music, and fast-paced action to keep players going in an intense arcade experience.

The aliens come in different formations, and you must strategically move your cannon to dodge incoming enemy fire while returning the same to destroy the invaders. To get more from the gameplay, you must use power-ups and bonuses that appear throughout the levels which offer temporary advantages including rapid-fire, laser beams, and shields.

The game has a scoring system that rewards players for skillful play. Combining strategies such as quick reflexes, precise aim, and strategic decision-making will always help you achieve higher scores and unlock additional content.

How to Play Space Invaders Extreme 2 DS ROM

This game is played with the Nintendo DS console. Below are ways to go for it.

  • D-pad is used to move the cannon horizontally.
  • A button is used to shoot.
  • The B button is used for special weapons or power-ups.
  1. Start the Game: After launching the ROM, the game will display the title screen. Press the Start button to start the game.
  2. Select a Mode: This game provides different gameplay modes including Arcade, Extreme, and Time Attack. You are to select the desired mode to begin.
  3. Gameplay Methods: In each mode of the game, your goal is to clear the screen of invading adversaries. Use the D-pad to move the cannon horizontally and the A button to shoot. Dodge enemy fire and tactically neutralize the aliens. Then get power-ups to enhance your abilities.
  4. Scoring Points: Get points by eliminating invading elements and collecting bonuses. Weave together consecutive hits to earn combo bonuses. Aim for high accuracy and swift completion to get top scores.

  1. Boss Battles: At regular intervals, you will come across formidable boss enemies. To neutralize them, try to develop strategic maneuvering and precise shooting to destroy them.
  2. Unlockables: As you continue and achieve high scores, you will unlock additional levels in the game such as new levels, music tracks, and visual enhancements.

In Summary, the game gives new life to a classic arcade game. This can be seen in the plot, creative gameplay, and nostalgic appeal. This can also make it a must-play for both fans of the original and newbies alike. Control mastering, the gameplay understanding, and aiming for high scores, you can throw yourself around for this exhilarating space battle and taste the addictive spices of the game. To taste the spice, here we go together

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