Download River King Mystic Valley DS ROM and APK

River King Mystic Valley is a ROM, Nintendo DS, and APK game. The game is one of the most popular games in the world that has been played by many professional gamers all around the world. If you have not played this game, believe me sincerely, you’re still a learner in the gaming world.

It’s game with artistic aesthetics-from unbeatable graphics to character development and episodic, linear, chronological, and logical storyline. While playing this game, don’t put the pot on your burner because you will have nothing left to take.

It is the first ever game in the Legend of the River King series to be designed for the Nintendo DS console. It is also the first game to be on a handheld system since the River King Gameboy Colour game was launched in English.

The game is the 18th edition to the “Kawa/Umi No Nushi Tsuri” game series, which cuts across NES, SNES, PC Engine, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, N64, Ps1, and Ps2 game consoles. The PS2 and Nintendo DS versions of the game were designed by Igusa Matsuyama, the popular character game designer from the Harvest Moon series.


As the game’s protagonist, you will have a reason to discover why your sister, Yunna, can’t wake up. The small girl has, for unknown reasons, become bewitched by the mysterious power of the nearby forest, and no matter how you try, she continues to sleep, all efforts you make her awake prove abortive. But you have a premonition that the strength of the legendary River King might be able to unsleep cutie Yunna, so you decide to embark on a journey to find the whale’s fish.

On your journey, you’ll have to court three forest spirits, in which each has a unique special power you can activate. You can only go alone but you will be given the option to go on a journey with a pet at a time, but you are allowed to switch pets back at your house.


The game uses the Nintendo DS screen touch to reel in fish that have been caught by your bait. You can also use the touch screen for your movement, character interaction, and menu direction.

You can also play the game in Multiplayer by connecting with your local friends who have copies of the game and have fishing competitions together. The game also has a Card Collecting part, where you toggle around in your quest to complete tasks. You can try it if you can gather all one hundred and forty-six cards.

Conclusively, the game has unique features from Motif, character development, clear sound, and interesting background playing sound. I know you can’t let the opportunity of the game pass you buy. You must be in awe of the features of the game, download it here

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