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NBA Ballers is a basketball game designed, developed, and published by Midway. You also need an emulator to run this game. It is a genre of sports game that’s based on Basketball sport. This game requires strategies, tactics, and attention to hit jackpots while playing NBA Ballers PS2. You can play modes of different kinds. The game provides opportunities to choose any of the modes and you should employ different strategies to continue playing this game.

The main feature of NBA Ballers Phenom is the story mode. The player creates a special character and can customize it regarding height, age, body type, position, and other factors. The plot revolves around the Phenom, a created player, and his rivalry with former friend Philip “Hot Sauce” Champion. After Hot Sauce persuades the scouts, Hot Sauce not only steals your glory, but he also steals your girlfriend. It’s NBA Finals week, and you’re out to prove how good you are.

With a million dollars, the number one draft pick in the NBA, or a lucrative entrepreneur empire on the line, you must do whatever it takes to become the best. The main games are played in a tournament format, similar to NBA Ballers. The game is real-time which anyone can play whether you are a newbie or a veteran gamer.


NBA Ballers focuses on one-on-one play and has a story mode that glamorizes the lifestyle of NBA players, it centers on a guy who is an up-and-coming street baller looking to make fame for himself during the week leading up to the NBA Finals in Los Angeles. The story mode is set up as a hub system in and around Los Angeles.

After creating your baller and customizing from a satisfying array of appearance and skill options, you can travel to different areas of LA, including Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Once there, you’ll find yourself free-roaming, where you can walk around a neighborhood, that’s why you should pay total attention to manage to get out of the maze.

Each area signifies many tournaments that you can enter, and you’ll play against random streetballers or NBA players. There are dozens of different players in Phenom, ranging from current superstars, such as LeBron and Dwyane Wade, to legends, such as Magic Johnson. The other side of the story mode is the stack of side hustles you can find and do besides playing ball, like you’ll find non-player characters who will give you tasks, such as putting up promotional posters around town or finding diamonds that you can turn in to a store for jewelry. You’ll also find other things to do, such as battle rap with Jin (the one-time star of BET’s 106 & Park) in a DDR-like minigame or a spelling bee where you have to try NBA stars with complicated surnames.


The basic gameplay design of Phenom doesn’t change much from the original Ballers. Half-court one-on-one is still the primary gameplay mode, and you’ll take on an opponent to up to 13 points in a best-of-three match, losers then opt out. You’ll find several changes on the theme as you play through the campaign, such as the first one to reach 30 or goaltending and fouls allowed, and you can set rules in quick play and multiplayer modes. If you’re a guard, you’ll probably try to use ball-handling tricks to free yourself up for a shot or a dunk.

You can also do some basic jukes by toggling the right analog stick, or you can do more forceful jukes by combining one or more of the juice (turbo) buttons and the juke button. You can put the slip on your opponent by doing an act-a-fool move, which engages a slow-motion effect to show off some truly nutty ball-handling animations, which look great in Phenom. You earn the most credits by stringing together multiple jukes and punctuating them with a made shot, dunk, or alley-oop. These combo scores build up the house meter. Fill that house meter, and the next alley-oop dunk you make will break the backboard

Juice Meter

The meter fills up like a fuel gauge and it is used as the turbo boost meter. It is the player’s energy, strength, and covert power.

House Meter

The meter fills up by pulling off style moves and scoring points. The meter is filled until the word “HOUSE” is spelled. When it is fully charged, the player can “Bring Down the House” by holding all shoulder buttons and throwing an alley-oop to themselves which tears down the rim and ends the match.

Modes in the game

There are different modes which will be given below:

Story Mode

This is also known as Rags To Riches which is for gaining economic resources and accumulation of cash for progress in the game.

Tournament Mode

This model is designed like the real NBA league where players will find an opportunity to compete with different opponents, and certain rules according to the specialty of the match are stated. And players are given the advantage to unlock NBA Basketballers.

Multiplayer Mode

This is for playing among friends with the help of an emulator and PPSSPP.

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In summary, NBA Ballers provides a great gameplay experience for fans of the NBA, streetball culture, and fans of basketball. Midway has done a great job at combining a fun style with a solid underlying gameplay design to create a very beautiful basketball game experience.

The game is all for everyone, especially the lovers of basketball. The game has good character development, emotional interactions, interactive environments, and aesthetic layouts. It is a game you will play and get addicted to. What are you waiting for? Go on and download it for your enjoyment purposes

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