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Virtual and internet video games have become revolutionary game changer in this modern era. Games have been seen as a way to get out of boredom’s room, and talking about one of these games, no doubt you will be talking about Monster Hunter Freedom, another boredom killer game.

The game is very Instructional and you can easily play it without much stress. It is one of the games played on the emulator and PSP console system. It was published by Capcom and released on May 23rd, 2006.

It has been taunted by many game lovers as the game of the modern day. You wonder how? Then try the game to discover this awe-struck epic game. It is an adapted game from the film titled Monster Hunter. This will interest you, right? Okay, don’t worry I will give you more about the story of the game that will interest you more. When you finish playing the game, you will agree with me that the game is more interesting than Assisin Creeds, Mission Impossible, Dragon Ball, and others. It is a game that will glue you to the very end.

GamePlot of Monster Hunter Freedom

Playing Monster Hunter will be the most interesting experience you will ever have in all sincerity. You, as a player, embark on a monstrous mission to defeat the monsters. It’s a quest-designed game just like its predecessors, Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter G, hinged on you as a player, working on tasks and accumulating materials to strengthen your arsenal to move to the next level. The rarer the accumulating weapons, the stronger you become as a player.

Unlike the game termed ‘hack and slash’, it demands planning and skills to defeat more monsters. There are a number of weapons the players can use to defeat the monsters, these include Heavy bow guns, dual blades, swords and shields, hammers, lances, light bow guns, and others. Each of these weapons requires tasks to get and these tasks include deflating the monsters, collection of spoils from the monsters, or those found on your way to complete your tasks.

Mode of Gameplay

The game can be played by a single-player or multi-player.

Mode of Single Player

In this mode, the player can play the role of a village elder, where a quest is required you enter the Offline Gathering Hall to perform guild to purchase items that will help in the course of the quests. The players can equally offer to tend to the farm to harvest items that be useful in the quest.

Mode of Multi-player

In this mode, players can collaborate with other players when the players enter the Offline Gathering Hall and with this collaboration, the players can go on quests with other players via PSP’s adhoc. Players can swap guild cards to track the character stats. Players can equally go on the quests of treasure hunting.

While you as a player are on a waiting mission for other players to be on par with your quests, you can sit at the table, this tells how interesting the game is. The most interesting thing about the game is that you can push the different directions on the directional arrows to perform various animations like swinging the beer mug, or passing out the drunkenness while sitting on the table.

To this end, the game is one of the best video games in the world which you can never regret when you download it.
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