Download Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing PS2 ISO

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing is a video game for fans of boxing. It’s a game version of the fights of the great boxer, Michael Tyson. It is a classic entertaining sport that was released for the PlayStation 2 console. It offers the players an everlasting experience in the world of professional boxing. It was designed and developed by Codemasters and released in 2002.

The game has been played by millions around the world. The game’s excitement and intensity of heavyweight boxing matches feature the character of the legendary Mike Tyson as the major character. It is so engaging and interesting. The gameplay mechanics are awestruck, and its title is a huge seller that gives every player nostalgia. It gives the players an opportunity in sports to step into the ring and contest against professional opponents.


The storyline weaves around the player’s intention to reach the ranks of professional boxing. You will start as an amateur, the goal is to climb the ladder and become the undefeated heavyweight boxer of the world. Going forward, you will get locked up with various fictional opponents, each opponent with its own tactical boxing styles and strategies. The main objective is to box against the veteran boxer, Mike Tyson himself which adds spice to the game.


Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing captures a host of gameplay modes which allows you to select your preferred style of play.

In the game, the Career Mode is the best of the game where you will create and customize your own boxers to your preference, you have to train them to improve their characteristics and skills. As you continue, you will earn experience points, unlock new venues, and face more brutal enemies.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing’s techniques of playing are intuitive and strategic. You can throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts and combine them with dodges and blocks to create efficient strategies. Each boxer has a special set of moves that allows for different fighting styles and strategic decision-making.
In this game, you need to mind your time and be precise because you have to land punches that can significantly impact the result of a match.

Aside from career mode, the game also features a range of other modes to keep you played on. There are other modes such as exhibition matches that allow for quick, one-off bouts against AI-controlled adversaries or friends in multiplayer mode.

There is also tournament mode where you have a chance to contest in a series of matches against more active adversaries. The different types of gameplay options give Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing hours of entertainment and continuous playing.

Conclusion: Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing for the PlayStation 2 is a special title for boxing lovers who also love playing games. This genre is to tell them that they are relevant too in sports games. The game uses iconic boxer, Michael Tyson as the central figure in the game so that all boxing enthusiasts can play games with their favorite boxers. You can meet your veteran boxer here

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