Download LEGO Battles DS ROM and APK For Android

LEGO Battles is an education-inclined and interesting game that entertains minds and souls. LEGO Battles were released in the United States of America in 2009 as a real-time video game. The game was jointly designed and developed by Hellbent Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a game promotion company, promoted and published for the Nintendo DS. The game is woven into three storylines in which each player can play either as a protagonist or a villain.

The Motif of the Game

The game’s structure thematically sets around pirates, space, and kingdoms. In the pirate theme, the storyline is woven on a ship’s captain, Brickhead, with his crew on a quest to find the treasure which Ninja Master and his group of ninjas are trying to make the mission an impossible one for them.

Space story focuses on a group of astronauts that managed to conquer a virtual planet and are ready to die defending it from enemies’ soldiers who are hellbent on looting and decimating it. The kingdom’s storyline is cast around the king, allied fairies, and his group of knights fighting against Skeleton Armies that are trying to bring the kingdom to its knees.


LEGO Battles game consists of six different quests in which each designed for the player’s desires. A player may choose to be a villain or a protagonist for each quest alongside fifteen other levels.
It has twelve maps and a free-play mode where you can customize the units of your knights.

Game’s Instructions

To play the game, you must download and install the Nintendo DS emulators on your playing devices. Its US English version is available in DS ROM and can be played with an emulator: it can also be played on your desktop computer, Mac, and laptop. It is also available as an APK For Android phone users.

You can try to look for these Nintendo emulators, NO$GBA, MelonDS, RetroArch, Citra among others for PC, and if you want to play the game on your Mac, then have these ready: DeSmuMe, OpenEmu, RetroArch among others. If you’re using your Android phone, you can easily start playing the game after downloading because it comes with a compatible emulator.\

LEGO Battles can be downloaded here LEGO Battles has been downloaded by over 11,000 game lovers, and still counting, and has a moderate 69.2MB that won’t consume much space on your computer or your phone. The game is trusted, tested and 100% safe on your phone. You can play the game alone or enjoy it with your cool friends.

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