Download Kirby Canvas Curse DS ROM

Kirby Canvas Curse is an engaging platforming game built for DS ROM. It was designed and developed by HAL Laboratory and released for the Nintendo DS in 2005. It’s an adaptation of a Japanese anime series, known in Japan as “Touch! Kirby,” it is crafted in a logical and chronological sequence. It is a game anyone playing will not want to be distracted for whatever reason.

Its uniqueness of it from character development, emotional interactions, and the beautiful background sound is unquantifiable but qualitative. It is a game for tacticians and logicians because it requires logic and tactics to play. Did you just say waw? Well, this is just a glance at what you should expect as I will furnish you more with the details that will make you long for the game in this article, from GamePlot, Gameplay and how you can play this game, etc.


It weaves around a mind-twisted character, and a murderous witch, named Drawcia, who changes Dream Land into a world of paint. In her scheme to devilishly gain ultimate power, she turns Kirby into a ball. To save the situation, a magical paintbrush called Ellie will play an important role to help and rescue Kirby on his journey to restore Dream Land to its former glory.


Kirby Canvas Curse, unlike any other Kirby game series before it, where the player directly controls Kirby, in this edition players take the role of Elline and use the DS’s touchscreen to guide Kirby through the vibrant and colorful levels. You as a player can draw rainbow-colored lines and loops on the screen, and as well you can create paths for Kirby to move.

The techniques of the game are well-tailored to your desire. You can draw a line beneath Kirby that causes him to roll forward, do you know tapping Kirby makes him jump? That’s another surprise of the game. When you touch enemies, you can stun or defeat them, and another uniqueness of the game is that Kirby can copy enemies’ abilities which will give him an advantage over them. This is achieved by touching them with the stylus.

It has many levels, each level with its own designated set of challenges and enemies. These range from lush forests to icy caves and treacherous volcanoes. The Dream Land is usually brimming with diverse environments. There are also who-is-who battles stretching throughout the game, where Kirby will have to fight against powerful enemies.

How to Play Kirby Canvas Curse

If you want to play the game, you have to get a Nintendo DS emulator and its ROM file. You can download emulators from many websites on the internet but try to get them from a reliable source that won’t cause your playing gadgets harm.

Have you got the emulator? Then proceed to install it, then follow these guidelines to play Kirby Canvas Curse:

  • Launch the Nintendo DS emulator on your device.
  • Look for the Kirby Canvas Curse DS ROM file on your computer.
  • Click open the ROM file with the emulator, you can do so by selecting “Open ROM” or by dragging the file into the emulator window.
  • It will start, and you will be instructed to make use of the DS’s touchscreen functionality.
  • Having performed the previous option, then follow the on-screen instructions to move through the menus and start your adventurous journey in Dream Land.

In summary, Kirby Canvas Curse is a technical and creative game that requires a strategy to play. The game is unique in its character development, emotional interactions, character conversational styles, and knitted storyline. While playing the game, you must pay attention to details as a life driver of Kirby, the hero of Dream Land.  Download via this Link

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