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Gotta Protectors is a tower-protected action-packed game designed and developed by Ancient Corp. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016. It is a mix of elements of tower defense and action role-playing games. It is a game that provides moments of excitement and enjoyment with challenging experiences for gamers.


Game Plot

In this game, you are on a quest to defend the kingdom of Magicant from enemies and monstrous monsters. The kingdom is being threatened by the villainous Demon King, and it requires a group of fearless heroes to save the kingdom.

The storyline revolves around the adventures of the Princess and her loyal group of the kingdom’s protectors. The gamers must travel through different stages. Each protector has its own challenges and enemies to confront. As the game continues, players will encounter a climactic cast of characters, each with its own unique abilities and skills.


Gotta Protectors provides an adventurous journey through the kingdom to different environments. There is a blend of tower defense and action-laced gameplay. The main goal of the game is to protect the fearless Princess who leads the team. Each stage comes with waves of enemy attacks. You as a gamer will control one of the protectors to do all the bidding and the Princess must be protected. You can use your game’s ability to move freely around the stage and lock in combat with enemies.

The game being tower protected, you must be strategic and tactical not miss the enemy’s attacks to save yourself and the Princess. You can strategically place defenses such as walls and traps to hamper the enemy’s progress and protect the Princess. You can also call on AI-controlled troops to assist in your defense. Each one of the protectors has a special role and skillset to defeat enemies, these skill sets range from special fighting skills to long-range attacking which provide different playstyles.

If you want to play the game successfully, you must axe down a good number of opponents while you optimally manage resources, upgrade defenses, and possess new equipment.
Each stage has different enemy types such as regular enemies and powerful boss monsters. The most challenging in the game is boss battles as it always requires special planning, tactical moves, and pay strategies.

How to play Gotta Protectors

To play Gotta Protectors requires tactics and strategies. However, here are tips on how to play the game.

Start the Game

Slot in the Gotta Protectors game cartridge into your Nintendo 3DS or
Launch the digital version from your console.

Select a Save File

To save files in the game, choose an empty slot or continue from a previously saved game and save it from your multiple files.

Learn the Controls

Try to learn about the control systems and methods of the game. To better learn, resort to the game’s tutorial or instruction manual. This can give you more information about navigation menus, move your character, place defenses, and use unique skills.

Progress through the Stages

To move through the game, you should follow the game’s structure and complete one stage after another. Each stage has challenges, enemies, and goals.

Character Customization

While playing the game, you should always endeavor to get new equipment and unlock special abilities for your character.

Defend the Princess:

While playing Gotta Protectors 3DS ROM your main goal is to protect the Princess who stays at the centre of the stage from enemy attacks.

Upgrade and Adapt

Lastly, As you accrue resources, and work through the game, strengthen your defenses, discover new abilities, and employ your strategies to defeat the hostile enemies from waves of attacks. Now let’s play the game

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