Download Code Lyoko Fall of X.A.N.A DS ROM

Code Lyoko Fall of X.A.N.A is an enjoyable and exciting third video game adapted animated television series Code Lyoko. It was published by The Game Factory and launched in June 2008 and the game was later redeveloped by Moonscoop.

It is also a role-playing game developed for the Nintendo DS console. It has single-player and multiplayer gameplay modes. You can enjoy it all alone or enjoy it with your friends and other gamers around the world. The game has game popularity among gamers for its entertaining storyline, immersive gameplay, and challenging characters. You can explore the virtual battle stations of the game.


The GamePlot of Code Lyoko Fall of X.A.N.A DS ROM is about the world of Lyoko, a virtually artificial universe built by a group of students to defend against evil artificial intelligence. You, as a player, will take the role of the main characters such as Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi, as these formidable team battles against X.A.N.A’s mercenary while saving the world from looming danger that might fall over. The story is told in a mix of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving providing a brilliant experience for the lover of the professional players and newbies alike.


The game mixes platforming, exploration, and combat activities. You as a player navigate various levels designed in Lyoko’s digital surroundings, using each character’s special abilities to get through obstacles and take down your adversaries. You should look at every opportunity to get past your adversaries.

The fighting activities in the game present you with opportunities to switch between characters automatically and use their different powers and abilities to confront the position of your enemies. The game allows you to upgrade your characters’ abilities to unlock new skills while proceeding in the game.

How to Play Code Lyoko Fall of X.A.N.A DS

Code Lyoko Fall of X.A.N.A DS ROM is a game of strategy for gamers. So to play the game you should use some procedural approaches which will be given underneath:

  • Start the game by selecting your best character to control. It is noteworthy to know that each character has its unique abilities which will be useful in different ways. Try being up and doing while going through the virtual world of Lyoko. You will traverse various levels where you will encounter difficulties, being strategic will give you hope to solve puzzles and battle enemies. Try to Interact with your environment where you can gain more power as well as collect information to make headway.
  • While fighting your enemies, you have choices to use each character’s tactical moves to beat enemies to their fathom game and then cruise to the next level for the optimal gaming experience.

To Conclude, Code Lyoko Fall of X.A.N.A DS ROM is a game of charming experience for all players built for DS ROM, be they, newbies or veterans. Just be strategic, tactical, and methodological, these three adjectives will give you a high stake in the game. So now you can let’s compete here—code-lyoko—fall-of-xana-squire/ as friends. Happy playing! Cheer!!!

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