Download Battle of Giants Dinosaur DS ROM and PPSSPP

Battle of Giants Dinosaurs is an exhilarating video game that permits players to be in charge of powerful dinosaurs and get involved in epic battles. The game was designed, developed, and published for the Nintendo DS console. It delivers an everlasting experience with its closely knotted episodic plot and intimidating gameplay. The game can be played on the PPSSPP emulator as well as mobile devices.


Battle of Giants Dinosaurs chronicles a prehistoric time when giant dinosaurs roamed the world. In the game, players take charge of dinosaurs and go on an adventurous journey to remain the most powerful ruler of the land. The goal of the player is to humble rival dinosaurs through strategic and tactical battles and extend dominance over different territories. The more you progress in the game, the more you can unlock new dinosaur species and you can also traverse various environments such as forests, mountains, and deserts.


Battle of Giants Dinosaurs concocts strategic elements, tactical combat, and environmental exploration together. You can select from a list of dinosaur species, each one with its special abilities and characteristics. The game covers diverse battle moves and workable attacks that can be employed with the DS console’s touch screen and buttons.

Time and events are one thing that coordinates the world as this saying goes so as it is in the game. The battle strategy plays a euphoric and vital role in holding opponents to ransom. Being an assumed grand dinosaur, you must guess your adversary’s moves and then look for appropriate actions to outsmart your enemies.

Do you want to experience what it will feel like to play Battle of Giants Dinosaurs? To play it on a Nintendo DS console. You will get the DS ROM file. After getting the ROM file, use a compatible flashcard or emulator to load the game onto your console. Then launch it, you can start by walking into the prehistoric life and begin your journey as a dinosaur.

To enjoy the game on your mobile devices, use the PPSSPP emulator. PPSSPP is a well-known emulator that permits gamers to play PSP games on their smartphones or tablets. Are you ready to play it on your mobile devices now? Yes, I know you are ready, kindly download the PSP ISO file for the game. Have you done that? Okay, now launch the PPSSPP emulator, work through the game file, and get it loaded to begin your journey.

In the game, you can assume the life of a Dinosaur and as well control other Dinosaurs by using the on-screen controls from your emulator. These controls can be customized, and then allow you to make adjustments on the layout as you prefer. You can also explore the game’s different localities. You can also engage in battles, and fight harder to defeat opponent dinosaurs. You can also use defeated Dinosaurs to unlock new species, strengthen your abilities, and elevate your chances of becoming the most powerful ruler of the prehistoric world.

In summary, Battle of Giants Dinosaur is a mind-blowing and heart-screeching game that allows players to defeat other Dinosaurs to become ultimate rulers in the prehistoric world. The game requires tactics, fighting strategy, cordial relationship, focus, and other necessary activities to complete. It’s a game built for the PPSSPP console and mobile devices. You can get it here

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