Download Baldur S Gate Dark Alliance II PS2 ISO File

Baldur S Gate Dark Alliance II is yet another game that sets the pace in the gaming world. The game is on the PSP ISO console for your pleasure. Playing video games is a habitual choice for many people around the globe. One game that has taken a lot of gamers’ attention, and praise around the world, is no other game than “Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II” for the PlayStation 2 (PS2).

This action-packed, role-taking game, designed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay Entertainment, was launched in 2004 and instantly found its way into the hearts favorite of video game players. If you’re on hand to play this interesting game on your PS2 console, you should read on to learn more about “Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II” as I drive you on this journey.

Before I continue this article, it is essential to inform you that you should download this game from the right source that will be given to you in the course of this article to avoid data loss because most sites are out there to collect your data for other reasons. But don’t worry yourself anyway. I’m on hand to give you a legitimate website to get this downloaded.


Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II” is an action-packed, role-taking game that sets in the Dungeons & Dragons of the Forgotten Realms. It takes place in the city of Baldur’s Gate, it revolves around a group of adventurers who embark on a mission to uncover a sinister plot that threatens the entire region.

It starts with the city of Baldur’s Gate under siege by an evil sorceress known as Gorgomira. The leaders of the city are desperate to find a way to place her in her place and then save their people. During this time of crisis, the players assume the role of one of four heroes: Dorn Redbear, a human barbarian; Vhaidra Uoswiir, a drow monk; Ysuran Auondril, an elven sorcerer; or Borador Goldhand, a dwarven rogue. Each character has their own unique abilities and heroic styles.

As these heroes move on in their quest through the game, they detect that Gorgomira’s attack on Baldur’s Gate is just a fringe of a larger evil plan. In this course of the adventure, these heroes discover that there exists an ancient evil called the Drow King, who is trying to awaken and harbor plans to bring the entire region under his wing. In this case, the heroes must deem it necessary to gather allies and face a series of dangerous battles ahead to stop the Drow King’s awakening and protect the Forgotten Realms.

The game is easy and interesting to play. It focuses on action and role-taking situations. You as a player are a hero and have the opportunity to select any characters that will embark on the quest alongside you. Each character with his/her unique abilities, and characteristics.

The game shows real-time combat, where players launch intense battles against different adversaries, making use of combined weapons, magical spells, and special attacks. Along the line, game players can gain powerful loot, level up their characters, and exploit a wealthy world filled with quests, secrets, and challenges. The game also has a multiplayer mode that will enhance your experience with playmates.

In conclusion, as “Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II” is taunted as one of the best games on ISO PS File, please don’t be so desperate to download just any site as I said earlier, it’s necessary to download it in legal sites that won’t invade your file privacy. But don’t worry, I get your back on that here

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