Download Astro Boy The Video Game ISO PPSSPP and APK

In the world of video games, Astro Boy is the one you won’t want to do away with. This game can make you become a game addict. It’s a video game that is not only available to those who can afford gadgets like PSP, but also available to those who use android devices.

The video game’s ISO version is available on the internet so is android version on Playstore. It is a game for video game playmakers and to everyone that loves video games. Do you want to know more about the game? O yes! Then read this article till the very end.

GamePlot of Astro Boy

The game revolves around a brilliant scientist called Tenma who builds a childlike robot called Freddie Highmore (Asro Boy) in a city called Metro, the child robot has unique features which outpace human abilities. Some of the features of the childlike robot are xtray vision, and the special ability to fly.

To remove barriers in his way, the Astro Boy decides to explore the world for acceptance from humans. He tries to relate to learn about what a human is. In his course of relationship, he learns that his people in a Metro City are being endangered by some bad elements.

The game is an adaptation of the anime series Astro Boy or Mighty Atom which was created by Osamu Tazuka, a Japanese anime maker known for Manga series. In his original anime version, the story was woven around an Android built boy with emotions invented by a scientist who lost his son.

Gameplay of Astro Boy

Playing the game is one of the most interesting things you will ever like. The game, though not simple to play, but interesting to play. As a player, you will take control of Astro Boy by becoming Astro Boy who will accomplish all tasks Astro Boy sets out to. In the course of your mission as Astro Boy, you are fortified with weapons to fight robot armies who are hellbent to destroy Metro City and exterminate you.

Among weapons you can use against your opponents are finger lasers which can shoot down enemies’ airborne. You can also get some collectibles as you progress to inflict pains on your adversaries. Among collectibles are different costumes, power ups which you can use to detect hidden areas or enemies’ hideouts.

You can also use special attacks where you can attack with cannons, butt machine guns and absorb which allows you to recharge your blood levels. The game has different levels and features to advance towards your enemies.

In all, the game has brilliant character features, captivating storylines, real life emotion activation that will make you for yourself when you’re being attacked. In all honesty, it’s not just a game, but a game with human features. You’ve been salivating with these above features and explanations, and you’re longing to get it, don’t sweat it much, you can download it here

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