Coca-Cola Scholarship Application 3

Coca-Cola Scholarship Programme 2023 is accepting applications from highly qualified candidates who are academically sound, socially responsible, and economically disadvantaged. The scholarship is meant for high school students/school leavers who want to pursue their undergraduate degrees in higher/post-secondary institutions. The scholarship has assisted many students to study their courses of choice which tuition fees were paid by the Coca-Cola Foundation.

The scholarship scheme is administered by the Coca-Cola Foundation, a nonprofit organization arm of Coca-Cola Bottling Company. This article will inform applicants about Coca-Cola Bottling Company, about Coca-Cola Foundation, about Coca-Cola Foundation scholarship, eligibility, required documents, how to apply, the application process, and selection procedure. So applicants sit back while I dish it out to you.

About Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Coca-Cola Bottling Company is a multinational and American beverage company headquartered in Atlanta. The company is interested in retailing, manufacturing, bottling, and marketing non-alcoholic soft drinks. It’s established in January 1892. It’s founded by John Stitch Pemberton. The company branches in almost every country in the world. The company has over 86000. It’s financially valued at $86 billion. The company has over 500 products and brands.

About Coca-Cola Foundation

Coca-Cola Foundation is a not-for-profit organization; a corporate socially responsible branch of Coca-Cola Bottling Company. The foundation is of vision to improve livelihoods for women, develop youths’ entrepreneurship skills, upgrade livelihoods of families and contribute to community development. The Foundation has improved many lives and contributed to the lives of thousands of students, women, youth, and the elderly.

About Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship

The Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship scheme is a program that gives scholarship opportunities to high school scholars who are exceptionally intelligent and academically talented. The scholarship has helped many students to scale financial hurdles. The scholarship is designed to support over 1400 students every year at the monetary value of $3.55 million. The applicants are recognized based on academic records and social values and responsibilities. The beneficiaries have contributed immensely to the development of their various communities. The scholarship has been awarded to over 6000 recipients and costs $75 million. Each selected scholar is given #20000.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicants should be within this range.

  • Applicants must be high school students that will finish at the time of scholarship application
  • Applicants must need financial assistance
  • Applicants must get their results before the commencement of the scholarship awarding period
  • Applicants must be academically excelled who will maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • The candidates must be able to pursue their degrees at a US university.
  • The candidates must be US Nationals, US Residents, and Refugees

Required Documents

To be successful in this scholarship application, applicants should provide the following documents

  1. High school diploma/certificate
  2. Secondary school testimonial
  3. School Board Recommendation
  4. International Baccalaureate

Application Process

The applicants should start their application by following these steps. The scholarship is highly competitive, so applicants should be conscious and careful while filling out the form.

  • The application should start by supplying your biological data otherwise known as bio-data (your name, your residence address, and other details) on the first page
  • Provision of school activities (extracurricular, club members, etc) on the application form on the second page. Page 3 should state community activities ( such as volunteering projects)
  • Page four should explain the academic information of applicants.
  • Page five should indicate applicants’ employment information.
  • After filling all the pages, applicants should cross-check their application and ensure it is free from error or mistakes, and having done this, they should then submit their applications and wait for the outcome.


Selection Procedure

The selection of applicants is based on merits such as academic background, extracurricular activities, and the better the application, the higher chances of being selected.
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