Chalmers IPOET Scholarships (Sweden)for Masters 2023: How To Apply

Chalmers IPOET hereby invites highly qualified candidates to apply for its 2022/2023 scholarship awards. The scholarship scheme gives opportunities to qualified candidates who want to pursue a Master’s program in Sweden. The scholarship has given opportunities to many from any part of the world. Any candidate interested in this scholarship scheme should provide the required documents and details to apply.

About Chalmers

Chalmers is a University of Technology in Sweden. It’s popularly known as the Chalmers University of Technology. One best technical universities in the world. Apart from being the best, it is also one of the world’s oldest universities. It’s founded in 1829. It offers comprehensive scientific and technological courses. If runs academic programs from Bachelor’s degree, Masters program to Doctorate program. Every Chalmers student is trained to think independently, reason logically, and attend to the situation with intuition and rationality. Chalmers students can easily turn ideas into fruitful inventions. They use technological decisions to weather any situation and tackle problems and future challenges. They also train to be creative and see creativity as a way of solving human social problems for the advancement and development of manpower. The institution encourages students to be open to one another and also entertain the teachers to discuss in an informal way to bring about social openness for a good learning experience and outcomes.

About Chalmers IPOET Scholarship

The scholarship scheme is meant to promote excellence in education and experiential learning. It is a scheme primarily awarded to those who are going to pursue or those that are pursuing a Master’s program in Sweden. It’s not a fully-funded scholarship though but will reimburse students 50-75% of tuition costs. It is given a scholarship opportunity to 45 IPOET scholars as the beneficiaries are called. The scholarship scheme is financially covered by Swedish Council for Higher Education. The scholarships are managed and given by the Chalmers University of Technology.

Selection Procedure

The selection of applicants is decided on excellent academic records of candidates, majorly including cumulative grade point adjustment, the recognition of the university in the country where it’s situated (including global ranking advantage) and the proper presenting of the application procedure.

Field of Study

The scholarship covers all Master’s courses offered at the Chalmers University of Technology.

Scholarship Eligibility

To apply for this scholarship, the applicants must meet the following requirements/ criteria

  • Applicants must be first-year Master’s candidates
  • Applicants must be citizens from non-EU/EEA countries; those who are bound to pay tuition fees for Swedish universities.
  • Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree
  • Applicants must be academically exceptional.

Required Documents

  1. First Degree Certificate
  2. University Transcript
  3. International Passport
  4. Recommendation letter
  5. Essay statement on the reason you choose to school at Chalmers.

Scholarship Expenses Coverage

  • 75 percent tuition fees paid for 2 years ( four semesters) program.
  • Any student who performed exceptionally in his/her first year will get an 85 percent reduction.

Application Process

To apply for the scholarship. The applicants should apply by setting up their application online and providing their information details. After the provision of the necessary information, a message will be sent to your email with an 8-digit unique code attached to your application. This will be given while applying for the Master’s program at Chalmers before applying for the scholarship programme

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