Best Nigerian Universities To Study Theatre Art 2023

In this article, I will be discussing the best Nigerian Universities to study Theatre Art and all you need to know about Theatre Art in Nigerian Universities. Have you been looking for the top Universities to study Theatre Art in Nigeria? or have you been looking for the best private, federal, and state universities you can get a degree in Theatre Art?
If yes, this post is for you, I will list out the best Universities you can study Theatre Art in Nigeria including the UTME requirements by each of these Universities.

About Theatre Art.

Theatre Art also known as performing art is a kind of creative activity that is showcased in front of an audience while they watch and get entertained. It includes; Music, drama, and dance. It is a practical form of art that focuses on performing and its degree is meant to shape and train students and prepare them to enter a competitive industry.

Theatre Art I a collaborative form of performing art. It uses performers which could be actors, dancers, musicians, etc. to showcase an imagined event to an audience. There is a lot of other pieces of information about theatre art I will present to you on this page, so I advise you to keep reading.

Careers In Theatre Art

Career as a Producer:
Producers work by taking charge behind the scenes to make sure the show achieves commercial success. Some have an initial idea of the show and take care of all the preparations ahead.

  • Career as a Director:

This set of people head up what is called the creative side of the production. They work closely with actors and designers to bring everything to life.

  • Career as a Stage Manager:

They take care of all the practices or we can call them practicalities that are needed to make a play happen. They oversee the rehearsal process and make sure everything follows the laid down format.

  • Careers as a playwrighter

Playwrighter writes the original script of a play or music.

  • Career as a Dramatherapist:

This set of people do not work in theatres but their work seems closely related. They use drama as a means to help make people explore and get to understand their feelings and also find ways to bring improvement into their lives. Dematherapist normally works in places like prison, schools, charity homes, etc. They work with people facing mental and emotional challenges.

  • Careers as a Theatre Marketing Assistant or Marketing Manager:

Theatres are meant to attract an audience which is the job of their marketing departments. Their job also is to promote shows, update the theatre websites, write content for programs, organize promotions, organize press night, etc.

  • Career as a Stage Crew Member:

The stage crew is responsible for organizing the stage for actors and other performers, making necessary changes during the performance, and clearing everything away once the show has ended.

Jamb Requirments For Theatre Art In Nigeria:

To study Theatre Art in Nigerian Universities, one must possess an O’level result which is the first requirement before moving into UTME subject combination. Applicants must possess an O’level with at least five passes including English Language and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.

UTME Subjects Combination include:

Use of English, Economics, Literature In English including any other art subject, applicants are also expected to score higher points in the UTME examination to stand a higher chance of admission and must reach the age of 16. By the 31st of October at the exact years, he or she seeks admission.

Direct Entry Requirements For Theatre Art In Nigerian Universities:

  1. Applicants must possess a five-credit pass in the SSCE examination or its equivalent in not more than two sittings.
  2. A minimum of merit pass in NCE, ND, and other advance certificates
  3. Must purchase the direct entry form through the Joint Admission and Matriculation board
  4. Other requirements are set by the university including the faculties and departments. Having been aware of the various subject combination, let us move forward to list and discuss the best universities you can pursue a degree in Theatre Art.

Best Nigerian Universities To Study Theatre Art

  1. University Of Lagos
  2. University Of Benin
  3. Delta State University, Abraka
  4. University of Ilorin, Ilorin
  5. University of Nigeria Nsukka
  6. Obafemi Awolowo University-ile ife
  7. University of Lagos-Akoka
  8. University of Benin, Ugbowo
  9. University of Portharcourt, Choba
  10. University of Ibadan, Ibadan

University Of Lagos

Following a rationalization in the year 1987, the department of music university of Lagos was merged with the center for cultural studies. The B.A.The music program was also phased out at that time.

In 1997, the center was completely phased out and a creative art department was introduced to handle the affairs of the program. The University Of Lagos is one of the best federal universities in Nigeria To study Theatre Art. They aim to produce quality artists in every area and they have been able to achieve this

University Of Benin

The department of the Theatre Art University of Benin has been in existence for a couple of years. It offers media art courses which include: writing, broadcasting, producing, media drama and introduction to communication art, etc. It offers a lot of other relevant art courses making it one of the best schools to study Theatre Art.



Obafemi Awolowo University

After the dissolution of the African Studies unit of the University in the year 1977, the department of Dramatic art was introduced to replace the IAS their aim is always to remain training students to achieve diverse knowledge in the area of Theatre Art. The University graduated its first batch in B.A Dramatic Arts degree holder in 1981.

University of Ilorin

The department of the Performing Art University of Ilorin is considered among the best that has been able to train and produce quality artists over the years. The department was established in 1981. It started operation with 16 students and three staff. The department aims to teach music, dance, and every other area of art it specializes in.

Delta State University

DELSU is one of the best universities that should be considered for Theatre Art. The cutoff mark for Theatre Art in DELSU is 170. It is easy to gain admission to study Theatre Art in DELSU but the school does not accept the second choice.

University Of Portharcourt

It has one of the best Theatre Art departments among others in the Southern part of the country. Students who wish to pursue a career in Theatre Art are advised to consider UNIPORT.

University Of Ibadan

The department of the Theatre Art University of Ibadan does not just focus on ordinary training students in dance, music, etc. it also offers students skill building and also teaches them how to become entrepreneurs in the art business. Its Theatre art department is the first to have emerged in Nigeria.

University Of Nigeria-Nsukka

It offers a Theatre and Film studies program which is designed o cover both four years UTME and the three (3) years direct-entry program. The course is a conglomeration of all art forms such as Acting, Directing, Playwrighting, Theatre Administration, Media Theatre, Film Studies, Dramatic Literature, etc.

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