Best Nigerian Universities Accredited For Pharmacy 2023

Pharmacy is a highly competitive course and one of the most prestigious courses that are studied in Nigerian universities. It is considered one of the best science courses because it provides its graduates the opportunity to work in so many places as there are so many opportunities open for them. However, the study has proved that the success of any pharmacist largely depends on the school he or she attended. In an interview with a professional pharmacist last month, he stated that one of the basic things that have helped many pharmacists grow and become professionals is the university they attended. therefore, the choice of university one makes has a major role to play in the success of his or her career as a pharmacist.

This is why we have brought this article to help you make your choice of institution, as an aspiring pharmacy student, this article will unveil the best place that will help you excel in your career. Below is the list of universities that are good at pharmacy:

1. Nger Delta University(NDU)

The Niger Delta University was established in the year 2000 as a state-owned university at Bayelsa state Nigeria.
NDU is a less competitive university because it is still new, and because it’s less competitive, it is considered one of the best schools to study pharmacy in Nigeria. Many who have succeeded have attested to that. To apply for admission to NDU, you are advised to check the university admission requirement and the cutoff mark as this will you direct you to what you need to gain admission into the school.

2. Bayero University(BUK)

Bayero university is one of the popular universities in the northern part of Nigeria. It was established in 1962. To make education accessible to people especially people in the North. Bayero University is one of the best universities when it comes to the pharmacy. Its faculty of pharmaceutical sciences has produced a lot of outstanding personalities that is why it is recommended for people in the North. Aspirants are also advised to check the admission requirements as it is updated each year.

3. University of Jos(UNIJOS)

Unidos is one of the most equipped Nigerian Universities for anyone who wishes to join the pharmaceutical field. It was established in 1975, its faculty of pharmaceutical science started around October 1983 in the defunct University of technology, Makurdi. It later became a faculty in UNIJOS after it was merged in 1984.

Its faculty of pharmaceutical sciences is comprised of the following departments:
Pharmaceutical chemistry, Industrial pharmacy, traditional medicine, pharmacology, etc.

4. University of Benin(UNIBEN)

It is a public research university, formally called the Institute of Technology. It was established in 1970 at Benin city, Edo State, Nigeria. The Faculty of pharmacy in UNIBEN started operation in the year 1970. The course is six years of which students are awarded a certificate at the end of completion. To apply for admission to UNIBEN you are advised to check the cutoff mark and the requirements.

5. University of Lagos(UNILAG)

UNILAG faculty of pharmaceutical sciences is one of the best in Nigeria recommended who anyone who wishes to pursue a career in pharmacy. It has produced a lot of pharmacists from this facility.

6. Ahmadu Bello University(ABU)

It is a very powerful research institution in Nigeria, formally known as the University of Northern Nigeria. ABU faculty of pharmaceutical accepts applications from every part of the country and it is the best for any student in Nigeria. The faculty was created to train and produce great pharmacists.

7. University of Maiduguri(UNIMAID)

It is a state university that was established in 1975 at Maiduguri. It is known for its brilliant lectures especially those in the field of science who have bagged so many awards. UNIMAID is a great university to study pharmacy in Nigeria because it has a very high status in the field of science. The faculty aims to give students a sense of the pharmacy profession therefore UNIMAID is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to study pharmacy in Nigeria.

8. University of Ibadan(UI)

UI is a very popular university in Nigeria that has existed for a long time, It is the most competitive institution in Nigeria established in the year 1948 during the era of colonialism as a way of introducing education into Nigeria. The University of Ibadan has one of the best faculty of pharmaceutical science in Nigeria to train future pharmacists and only students that meet the required criteria are admitted. It has the following departments under the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences:
pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmaceutical microbiology, etc.

9. Covenant University (CU)

It is one of the best 21st-century universities to study pharmacy in Nigeria, being a private institution, it has able and qualified staff in its faculty of pharmaceutical sciences who are capable of offering training to students. It is located at Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

10. University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN)

UNN is one of the best prestigious universities on can study pharmacy, it is located in Enugu state Nigeria. Being a long-standing institution, the UNN Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is well equipped to provide students with study apparatus. To gain admission to study pharmacy in UNN, one must attain the required cutoff mark and meet all the requirements which are updated yearly.

Although the country has so many universities offering pharmacy, there are only a few out of the many that fully specialize in the field and this I measured using the level of resources each possesses.

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