Anderson Broaddus University Tuition Fees 2023

Do you know Anderson Broaddus University is one of the privately owned universities that you can pay not much tuition? Anderson Broaddus University is very affordable to the extent that low-income earners can afford it without grinding their teeth.

Cost of Attendance of Anderson Broaddus University

How much does cost to attend Anderson Broaddus University? The average cost to attend Anderson Broaddus University is between $25,000 and $30, 000 per session. This university is not as costly as Harvard, John Hopkins, Iowa, and others.

The Subcost of Attending Anderson Broaddus University

This section explains the sub-total cost of schooling at Anderson Broaddus University-from tuition, fees, board, education materials, and others. As we all know, the university is not free or not less tuition like that high school tuition and every university sets out the cost of attendance according to education quality. Anderson Broaddus University is competitive in cost of attendance, but very fair, unlike others.

Estimated Cost of Attendance Anderson Broaddus University

  • Tuition $31,200
  • Accommodation $5,170
  • Meal Plans$5,000
  • Books Estimated $1,545 per year Fees $300
  • Total Estimate $43,215 per year per year

Extra Expenses

  • Cost of preparing and shipping documents for international students $100
  • Enrollment fee $200

Financial Aids

This section gives you information about financial assistance you can get at Anderson Broaddus University these financial aids may be in form of loans which a student will pay back after graduation or it may be a grant that you don’t have to pay back because it is in form of financial gifts and then it may be scholarships which come in form of sponsorship whereby the recipient’s tuition and other fees will be paid by somebody else.

Obtainable Loans

Students can access and process loans worth $20,000. These loans are given by designated bodies to ease the financial burden of students till graduation day and the students can pay back little by little after their graduation. And the regime of payment usually begins after the students get jobs and start working, then the students can start paying.


Students can get grants from the federal government, state government, local government, companies, corporate institutions, and wealthy individuals. Grants are usually given to students with special skills such as musicians, dancers, sportspeople, and other skilled professionals. Students with special abilities usually are of the advantage to have access to grants.


Scholarships can be given to anyone, but academically brilliant students usually have an advantage. Scholarship aid helps students pay all or part of the cost of attendance. Some scholarships cover all years that the students will spend while some finance part.
The students can get scholarships from these organizations at Anderson Broaddus University.

College Board Scholarship

  • EduPass for International Students
  • Fastweb Scholarship Search
  • Good Call Scholarships
  • International Financial Aid and College Scholarship
  • International Student Search
  • International Scholarships
  • Resources for Catholic Students
  • Resources for Hispanic and Latino Students:
  • Scholarship Experts
  • Thought Company
  • UniversityHQ
  • Scholarship Competitions
  • Scholarships
  • Website Properties
  • Boro

All these aforementioned scholarships can be accessed online and the students can check them out on their own. For further information, you click this link

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