Anderson Broaddus University Acceptance Rate 2023/2024

Do you have a plan to study abroad? Is your answer yes to this above question? Then make a wish and fulfill it by choosing Alderson Broaddus University. Choosing Anderson Broaddus University will make all your dreams become realized and give you all you need to survive academic hurdles.

 A Glance at Anderson Broaddus University

Anderson Broaddus University is a private and religious institution owned by American Baptist Churches. It’s located in Philippi, West Virginia. It was first established in the year 1871 as Broaddus Institute, later changed to Broaddus Academy in year, 1901 and later renamed to Anderson Broaddus College in 1932 and assumed its current name, Anderson Broaddus University in the year 2013.

It has 78 staff and 800 students and it’s known for academic excellence and good teaching methodologies. Anderson Broaddus University allows you to see the famous Tygart River Valley. It’s notable for educating students in critical thinking, civic engagement, communication, human ethics, and world diversity.

 Anderson Broaddus University Acceptance Rate

 Anderson Broaddus University is not as competitive as many ivy league universities in the United States of America, however, it’s selective with a 67.6% acceptance rate. It only admits 67.6% of its applicants.

 Admission Requirements

Anderson Broaddus University requires applicants to have an SAT score between 910 and 1110 and a composite ACT score of 18 and 24. Most of its applicants in the 2022 admission regime have scored higher than the minimum requirements.

 Other Requirements

  • High School Results
  • Academic Transcript
  • Teaching of English as a Foreign Language scoresheet (for paper-based, the applicant is expected to have a minimum of 500 or 61 internet based) or
  • International English Language Testing System(IELTS) band score of 5.0. or
  • Pearson(PTA Academic) overall score of 40 or more
  • Duolingo English Test of 85 or higher.

 Colleges at Anderson Broaddus University

 There are five designed colleges for different programs at Anderson Broaddus University which houses all the programs offered at the university.

  1.  College Of Business
  2.  College Of Health, Sciences, Technology & Mathematics
  3.  College Of Humanities, Education & Social Sciences
  4.  College Of  Medical Sciences
  5.  College Of Adult & Distance Education

 Courses Available at Anderson Broaddus University

 Undergraduate Programs

  •  Accounting (B.S.)
  •  Biology (B.S.)
  •  Business Administration (B.S.)
  •  Business (A.S.)
  •  Chemistry (B.S.)
  •  Computer Science (B.S.)
  •  Criminal Justice (B.A.)
  •  Criminal Justice (A.S.)
  •  Cyber Security (B.S.)
  •  Cyber Security (A.S.)
  •  Education (A.A.)
  •  Elementary Education (B.A.)
  •  Environmental Science (B.S.)
  •  Exercise Science (B.S.)
  •  General Studies (A.A.)
  •  History (A.A.)
  •  Human Services (A.A.)
  •  Integrated Marketing Communication (B.S.)
  •  Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.)
  •  Journalism & Professional Writing (B.A.)
  •  Legal Studies (B.A.)
  •  Marketing (B.S.)

  •  Mass Communication (B.A.)
  •  Mathematics (B.S.)
  •  Natural Resource Management (B.S.)
  •  Nursing (B.S.)
  •  Physical Education (B.A.)
  •  Pre-Professional Studies
  •  Psychology (B.A.)
  •  Public Administration (B.A.)
  •  Public Relations (B.A.)
  •  Religion & Philosophy (B.A.)
  •  Secondary Education (B.A. or B.S.)
  •  Sport Management (B.A.)
  •  Surgical Technology (A.A.S.)

 Graduate Courses

There are only five graduate programs at Anderson Broaddus University

  1.  Master of Science, Information Technology
  2. Master of Science, Physician Assistant Studies
  3. Master of Science, Anatomy
  4. Master of Education. E.T.C

 Application Process

The process of applying for admission at Anderson Broaddus University is very simple. All you just have to do is go online and fill out the form by providing your details, course of study, and necessary documents required by this institution. For further information, click here

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