AGIP Postgraduate Scholarship 2023

Announcement Of Application

Nigeria Agip Exploration (NAE) hereby invites competent candidates or interested Nigerian graduates to apply for its 2022/2023 postgraduate scholarship scheme. NAE scholarship scheme is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program which is usually championed by corporate companies operating in a country. It’s a way of giving back to society after taking from it in terms of profit-making. Corporate Social Responsibility has become a program that makes companies responsible to the citizens of the place they operate. It’s a part of a contract agreement signed by the companies to operate in a country to maximize profits.

The Scholarship Scheme Is Of Two Categories:

  • International Scholarship Scheme: This is a scholarship whereby the recipients will study abroad instead of pursuing their courses of studies in Nigeria.
  • Local Scholarship Scheme: This is a scholarship category in which the selected candidates for the scholarship will study in any university of their choice in Nigeria.

About Nigeria Agip Exploration

Nigeria Agip Exploration is a multinational company with an interest in oil and gas. The company operates offshore and onshore in the Nigerian oil industry. It’s an explorational company in the crude oil industry. It’s a company interested more in anything energy for the survival of humanity. It’s an objective to preserve the earth’s planet by promoting clean energy for the sustainable development of humanity.

About NAE scholarship scheme NAE is a corporate social responsibility of Nigeria Agip Exploration to strengthen manpower and promote excellence in education in Nigeria. It’s, over the years, been in the system of helping qualified graduates go some lengths further to fulfill their dreams and realize their aspirations. Not only this, the scholarship scheme has taken Nigerian education to the world level with exceptional candidates selected year in year out.

Application Eligibility

  • Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria or residents of Nigeria
  • To be eligible to claim this scholarship scheme. Applicants must follow these steps:
  • Applicants should have international traveling documents such as International Passport(for international applicants)
  • Applicants should be older than 28 years as at the time applying for the scholarship scheme
  • Applicants must be current students of Nigerian universities or Nigerians studying abroad.
  • Applicants must possess a minimum of second class (upper) division.

Considered Courses of Studies

The candidates applying for this scholarship award should be interested in studying any of these listed courses or have studied any of these courses but interested in continuing studying any of them if possibly selected as the recipients of the scholarship awards.

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Subsea Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Geoscience/Geophysics
  • Petroleum Economics
  • Law with a special interest in (Oil and Gas/Petroleum)

Documented Requirements For The Scholarship

Applicants are to provide these documents to be possibly selected for the scholarship scheme:

  1. NAE’s Compliance Declaration Document which must be downloaded on the application portal( it is a document that shows your seriousness and affirmation that you are genuinely interested in the scholarship and you will consciously go with decisions of the judge and strictly comply with instructions given in the course of your application)
  2. Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age.
  3. International Passport where Data Page will be provided for the completion of the application (for the international category)
  4. Government’s issue Identity Card such as Voter’s Card, International Passport, National Identity Card or any other Identity Card issued by the government.
  5. National Youth Service Corps’ Discharge Letter or Certificate of Exception or Exclusion.
  6. Recent Passport Photograph
  7. Admission Letter
  8. First Degree’s Certificate

All these required documents above must be scanned, attached, or uploaded during the application process.

Procedure For Online Application

Any applicants applying must have a valid email address for the process and follow these instructions carefully:

Applicants should put their cursor on the link Apply Now, after clicking on Apply Now, the new link will pop out with Register Now. Then click on it to start your application by creating your own. After clicking on Register Now, a link will be sent to your email address where you will start the creation of your account. Then go to your email address and click on the link to activate your application process. Type in your email address and put in your password and start the process. Supply all your Information as requested from your name to the school you attended, course of study, and upload all the documents, and then submit your application. A successful application message will be sent to your email address to confirm your registration.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure is strictly based on merit which will determine by applicants’ academic records among others. After all the processes above, the shortlisted applicants will be contacted to come for an aptitude test to determine the finalist recipients of the scholarship awards via email or text message too intimate them with the details of the test and other details expected of them.

  1. Coverage of the Scholarship Scheme
  2. The scholarship scheme covers the following:
  3. One-way trip ticket.
  4. Payment of one-year tuition fees for the postgraduate course.
  5. Course materials allowance.
  6. Accommodation Allowance.
  7. Field Trip Allowance.
  8. Living Allowance.
  9. An economy return ticket (for the international category).

If you have all the stated documents above, and you can meet all other requirements for this scholarship scheme. Here’s your chance to fly in the sky like a bird or be a local king in your chosen university here in Nigeria as you will have your tuition fees footed by Nigeria Agip Exploration. You can make it happen here

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